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Ultherapy in BahrainSagging skin is one of the most common skin problem for people in their advanced age. It makes the skin loose and hanging and gives a feeling of being tired all the time. Many people just give up on correcting the problem while others want to give it a fight in order to look younger.

Thankfully, there are treatment options that are available to correct the problem. Noninvasive treatments are being preferred since they carry very little side effects and downtime. Ultherapy is one of the treatments that are being preferred all over the world.

While many of the clients at Dubai Laser Treatment seeking Ultherapy are residents of the United Arab Emirates, we do get quite a few from other countries as well. Bahrain is one of the top names on the list and a large number of patients each year from Bahrain to Dubai for treatment.

Currently plans are underway to open new skincare facilities in other countries including Bahrain. While these plans take a practical shape, you can continue to get treated at our facilities located in Dubai.

What is Ultherapy?

It is an FDA approved treatment for skin laxity that uses ultrasound waves to get rid of the sagging skin. It is completely noninvasive and has no serious adverse effects like those related with the more invasive treatments. It is well liked by the masses due to its extreme effectiveness.

How does it work?

Ultrasound waves are set at specific wavelengths to ensure that they bypass the top layers of the skin and work at a deeper level. As they reach the deeper layers of the skin, the sound energy is converted into heat energy and it creates the perfect environment for the production of Elastin and Collagen.

These are two structural proteins that allow the skin its natural flexibility and firmness. The extremities of the weather and the pollution in the environment along with exposure to sunlight strip the skin of these much needed proteins. Once the levels of the two are increased in the skin, the sagginess gives way to a healthier and youthful skin.

The Ultherapy treatment entirely relies on the ultrasound waves and no other medications or serums are used in the treatment to achieve the desired results.

Is the procedure painful?

Some sensation of pain may be felt during the treatment. To numb it down, cooling gel is applied to the area being treated prior to the start of the procedure. Some doctors also use a handheld device during the procedure to blow cool air to further add to the level of comfort.

How long does a session last?

The length of the sessions is directly related with the area that is being covered. If some part of the face is treated, the treatment will last only a few minutes. The complete face generally takes half an hour. If you are covering extensive parts of the body, it can take as long as an hour and a half.

How many sessions are needed?

The exact number of sessions will depend on the extent of skin laxity as well as how well the person responds to the treatment. For the most part, five to six sessions are enough to get the job done. However, the number can go up and down in individual cases.

Side effects

The side effects are usually limited to tenderness to touch in the treated area along with some itching. Swelling and redness after a treatment are quite common too. Applying a cold pack can help relieve these issues quicker though they go away on their own within a day or two.

Photosensitivity can be developed so avoiding the sun is important in that case. Application of sunscreen and wearing a large floppy hat when going out during the day can also help big time in avoiding the harmful ultra violet rays from the sun.


There is no downtime with the treatment and a person can get back to his or her work soon after the treatment has been concluded. It is not a bad idea to take a couple of days of when you are getting the treatment for the first time.

When can you see results?

Some results can be seen right after the treatment as the level of collagen and elastin start improving. However, it takes a few weeks before the final results can be seen since the level of the aforementioned structural proteins continue to improve and skin gets suppler.

Are the results permanent?

The results can hold in place for a fair amount of time. It is important to maintain them by taking good care of the skin. If proper care is not taken, the results may not be long term.

Can Ultherapy replace surgical facelift?

The results offered by Ultherapy are quite impressive and the skin laxity can be completely removed. It is a common question that can Ultherapy replace surgical facelift by replicating the same results. The answer is that the results offered by Ultherapy are not the same as a surgical facelift. However, the fact that the treatment is noninvasive, has no downtime and can offer long term results without the risk of infections like its more illustrious counterpart, it is certainly a better and safer option.

To learn more about Ultherapy or to schedule an appointment, visit us at Laser Treatment in Abu Dhabi. If you are overseas or want to learn more prior to visiting our facility, you can sign up for a free online consultation by filling in the form given below.

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