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The end of fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging is here, Ultherapy is a proven treatment in Dubai that provides the best chance for everyone to improve their skin. It is considered as the best Anti-Aging treatment as it eliminates the fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin in one go, the treatment is long lasting and slowly keeps on improving the skin of the patient. Loosen areas of the skin such as eye brows, jawline, cheeks and jowls are treated without any side effects and Ultherapy Abu Dhabi improves the overall appearance of the skin because of its hit on the collagen production.

Ultherapy Abu Dhabi is relatively a new technique and is based on the Ultraviolet rays that target the affected area of the skin to heat the outer layers of the skin so that the collagen production can be boosted and the dead cells can be repaired. The Ultherapy Abu Dhabi is free of side effects and pain. There might be tingling sensation during the procedure but overall the Ultherapy treatment is free of pain.

What is Ultherapy Abu Dhabi?

It is a treatment that works with the help of sound energy. It is intended to correct the damage caused by gravity and aging to the skin. Ulthera abu Dhabi system uses the sound energy to correct the problems by gradually improving the condition of the skin. It also helps in giving a more balanced tone to the skin. It can be used at the face as well as the neck to correct skin laxity.

How does it work?

The mechanism work is quite simple. The ultrasound waves are released at controlled rate at the area to be treated. These waves bypass the top layers of the skin and work at a deeper level to correct the issues. As it reaches the deeper layers, the sound energy is converted into heat energy. The heat energy is optimal to improve the production of collagen and elastin which are very important structural proteins.

How long does a treatment session last?

The treatment sessions generally do not last very long and the exact time depends on the area that needs to be covered. The brow area may be treated in less than twenty minutes while treatment of the face and neck together may take an hour and a half. Treatment in the chest area takes less than an hour. Being the non-invasive procedure allows the patient to resume the working routine right after the treatment and the patient can resume the routine right after the treatment but some care is advised to cure the aging signs and skin sagging permanently.

Ulthera Abu Dhabi requires several sessions to remove the wrinkles, face lines, dark circles and skin sagging completely but the number of sessions can only be determined after the proper consultancy from the qualified dermatologist in Dubai. Generally four to six sessions are enough in normal case of the Ultherapy Abu Dhabi.

Procedure Side effects

Side effects associated with Ultherapy are only seen during the first 36 hours of the treatment and include the

  • Tingling sensation during and after the treatment
  • Uncomfortable feeling of skin tightening that persists for several hours
  • Itching and swelling in some cases can be seen in the treated areas for several hours.

If the treatment side effects don’t go away after thirty six hours then contact your dermatologist.


Ulthera treatment in Abu Dhabi is free of downtime and the patient can easily resume the routine after the treatment. It is advised that the patient avoids direct exposure to the sunlight for several days as after the treatment the skin becomes extremely sensitive. Consumption of alcohol and drugs are to be avoided after and before the treatment of Ultherapy Dubai.


Some improvement can be seen soon after the treatment has been completed. The complete results take a few weeks as the levels of collagen and elastin continue to improve in the skin. How long the results last depends on the immune system of the person who has undergone the treatment and how well a person maintains them with a healthy lifestyle.

Can it replace facelift surgery?

A facelift surgery offers the best results of all. However, it is a highly invasive procedure that has plenty of risks associated with it along with a lengthy downtime and many side effects. Ultherapy on the other hand has next to nothing side effects and has no downtime and it is perfect for those who want a clean procedure without any side effects. The Ultherapy in Abu Dhabi cures the wrinkles, face lines, freckles, scars and cures the skin sagging as well. It also does not have any of the risks associated with surgeries. Even though the results are not exactly the same as a surgical facelift, the overall value of Ultherapy certainly makes it a worthy replacement.

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