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RF Fractional Micro needlingRF fractional micro needling is relatively new concept that combines the micro needling and radio frequencies to gain better results for cosmetic procedures. RF fractional micro needling has two parts first is the micro needle that penetrates the skin and then the Radio Frequency waves are applied to target the inner layers of the skin with accuracy to gain better results. The RF Fractional micro needling is said to be more advanced than the laser treatment as it eliminates the chances of damaging the created holes and penetrates the skin much deeper.


The RF fractional Micro-Needling treatment in Abu Dhabi is said to be the most modern form of the cosmetic treatment as it penetrates the skin in a much better way and eliminates the chances of minor injuries to the skin layers. The newly created holes during the non invasive procedure are made safer with the RF fractional micro needling treatment in Dubai.

Difference between Laser and RF fractional

Laser treatment is one of the best non invasive cosmetic solutions available in the market today but the laser surgery has it side effects too. The laser treatment is not for every skin type or skin tone and negatively affects the darker skin colors whereas the RF fractional micro needling treatment is free of that problem.

The laser treatment creates the holes inside the skin but these holes are negatively affected because of the laser distribution. Laser treatment is also not perfectly accurate either whereas the RF fractional micro needling treatment in Abu Dhabi is done by inserting the micro needles to the desired affected area and the RF waves are omitted afterwards causing better accuracy or since the needles are insulated apart from the tips, the epidermis is saved from any pigmentation side effects.

Difference between RF and Micro needling RF

Simple radio frequency treatment is very successful procedure for treatment of birthmarks, acne scars, skin tightening and Melasma treatment but the RF fractional Micro needling treatment in Abu Dhabi maximizes the healing affect and targets the affected area more precisely. Simple radio frequency treatment creates holes in the upper dermis of the skin whereas RF fractional micro needling treatment in Abu Dhabi creates holes using the micro needles and the radio frequency waves are used to penetrate further inside the skin layers for best treatment.

Difference between Chemical peels

The chemical peels are the one of the most important cosmetic skin treatments. In this procedure the chemical is applied to the body that causes the skin’s upper layer to blister and eventually peel off. The whole upper layer is then regenerated and the formed skin is free of wrinkles, scars and is tighter and better in tone. The chemical peels aren’t accurate as they need to be applied on whole skin surface and the patient has to wait for quite long time for the cells to regenerate the upper layer whereas in the RF fractional micro needling treatment in Dubai, the wait time is minimal and it targets the exact affected area and also allows the patient to go back to work after the procedure. RF waves penetrate the skin in a better way and don’t hurt like skin blistering or peeling.

Ideal candidates

Ideal candidates for the treatment are those patients who want to treat even the most minor of the cosmetic problem. If you are looking for a tighter and better skin without any side effects then the RF fractional micro needling treatment in Abu Dhabi is the ideal treatment. Other treatments are limited to skin tone whereas RF fractional micro needling won’t cause any pigmentation on any skin type making it the ideal treatment for dark tone patients.

Treatments covered by RF

RF fractional micro needling treatment in Dubai is the most advanced treatment available and it is ideal for most of the cosmetic treatments. The micro needles are used to create physical micro injuries and the RF waves are emitted from the tip of the needles so that they can penetrate the inner layers of the skin for better treatment. This procedure enables the RF fractional micro needling to tackle almost all of the skin cosmetic problems and it is ideal for

  • Skin tone lightening
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Skin tightening
  • Non surgical face lifting
  • Pore reduction
  • Acne scars removal
  • Port wine stains removal
  • Spider veins removal
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Stretch marks Treatment
  • Large pore removal

Treatment Care

RF fractional micro needling treatment in Dubai is non invasive non surgical treatment available for every age group and every skin type patient. The treatment is harmless and returns fast results but there are some cares that shall be taken before and after undergoing the treatment procedure in Abu Dhabi.

  • Before applying for the RF fractional micro needling treatment in Abu Dhabi, the patient shall consult the qualified dermatologist.
  • Alcohol and drugs should be avoided for a week before treatment and after treatment
  • Blood thinning medicines should be avoided.
  • Make up should not be used after and before the RF fractional micro needling treatment procedure.
  • The treatment may cause swelling and itching for few hours but if it persists, dermatologist should be consulted.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided for three to four days.

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