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Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne ScarsAcne scars are the most common type of the skin problem. it is said that everyone gets acne scars in some part of their life and they fade away after some time but some of the scars stick to the patient for a lifetime. According to a recent study, one of the major causes of depression in teenagers is due to acne scars.  Acne scars have different kind of treatments based on their occurrence, their type and placement. The acne problem is a vast subject of study and there are several types of acne such as

Depressed Scars

Depressed scars are type of inflammatory scars that sit on the collagen tissues preventing the tissues from healing the scars. Such scars cannot be repaired unless proper treatment is applied to the affected area.

Rolling scars

They are the kind of scars that have rounded slopping edges; they come with the rough texture and are mostly result from the skin damage.

 Boxcar scars

Boxcar scars are closely related to rolling scars and are the kind of scars that resemble the chicken pox scars. They have steep, well define edges and appear as if the fingernail was pressed upon the skin.

Ice pick Scars

The deepest and narrowest of the Acne scars that resemble the Large pore on the surface of the skin are known as ice pick scars; these are the most prominent type of acne scars and require treatment to cover up.

Raised Scars

These scars are result of the excessive scar tissue on the surface of the skin and appear as a bump on the surface of the skin. Treating such scars is problematic as the excessive skin tissue is to be removed to treat the scar. There are two major types of raised scars.

Keloid scars

They are caused due to excessive collagen production in result of the injury. Keloid scars appear as the bump on the surface of the skin and they are caused when acne scars are going through healing cycle as the collagen fails to level the skin after the treatment.

Hypertrophic scars

They are the worst form of raised scars and are result of excessive collagen production for healing of the wound. The hypertrophic scars tend to spread outside the affected area causing big bumps on the surface of the skin. The scars are said to heal themselves overtime but mostly they stick throughout the life.

Treatment for acne scars in Dubai

There are several treatments for acne scars in Dubai based on the type of the infection and the affected area size. There are two types of treatments available for acne scars in Dubai: surgical and non-surgical. Surgical treatment is type of procedure that requires the patient to undergo knife treatment whereas the non-surgical treatment is for treating the scars without any lengthy knife treatment. Radio frequency treatment for Acne Scars in Abu Dhabi is said to be the most successful treatment for scars.

Ideal candidate for treatment

Most of the acne scars are formed in the teenage and fade away over time, so in order to apply for treatment; you should be over twenty years old. You are the ideal candidate for Radio Frequency treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai if you want to get rid of the acne problem without any side effects. RF waves work best under any skin tone and heats the dermis of the skin for better results.

Radio frequency treatment for acne scars

In Dubai, you can get your problem treated by the Best Dermatologist with free consultancy. Radio Frequency treatment is the non surgical, non invasive way of treating the acne scars in Abu Dhabi that allows the patient to resume the daily routine right after the treatment. The RF waves are used to heat skin under affected area of the body to break down the dead cells and start fresh collagen production.  The Radio Frequency treatment for acne scars in Abu Dhabi is the most successful form of treatment as it is ideal for every skin type. The heat from the RF waves remodels the collagen to improve the scars and provides quicker results with zero side effects.

RF treatment care

Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne scars in Dubai makes sure that skin is properly healed and affected area is precisely targeted to get maximum result. There are several cares that shall be taken after undergoing the treatment in Dubai.

  • The skin will be reddish for up-to 36 hours after treatment, during this period avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Make up should not be applied for a week after treatment.
  • Sunglasses and hat should be used in daytime and Sun block creams should be used before going out.

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