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Port Wine StainsPort Wine Stains are type of vascular birthmarks that are apparent on different parts of the body during birth. Port wine stains normally are forever and they can appear anywhere on the body and in some cases the stain may grow a bit bigger with time. The name port wine is given to them because of their reddish nature that appears as wine stains on the body. Port Wine Stains Treatment in Dubai is available for long time.

How are they formed

Port Wine stains are formed when area of the skin doesn’t get sufficient nerve fibers, so the blood vessels keep expanding that causes stain to form under the skin which appears as Port Wine Stains to the naked eyes. 90% of the Port Wine Stains are by birth but some can also develop in early childhood as well. Mother has no role in stain formation during pregnancy but the disease can be hereditary in some cases. Port Wine Stains can be indication of the Sturge-Weber syndrome or Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. Both the syndromes are curable and the Port wine stains treatment in Abu Dhabi is discussed below.

Kippel-Trenaunay Syndrome

Kippel-Trenaunay is a syndrome that affects the development of the blood vessels, bones and also causes vein malformation. The syndrome is indicated by the formation of Port Wine stains on the body and it also causes the feeling of heaviness, pain and reduced movement in the affected area.

Sturge-Weber syndrome

Sturge-Weber syndrome is a neurological, Congenital and skin disorder that affects the uppar eyelids, causes port wine stains, causes brain seizures that get worsen with age and it also causes muscle weakness. Sturge Weber syndrome also causes cognitive impairment and development delays in children.

Ideal candidate

Most of the time the Port wine stains are treated in the early age of the child, in some countries the treatment is known as getting ready before the school age but elders can also get the port wine stains treatment in Dubai.

Port Wine Stains Treatment

The Port Wine Stains treatment in Dubai is available with 100% success rate and it is advised to concern the dermatologist before undergoing any treatment either medical or cosmetic. The stains vary in size as some are too small to be noticed whereas others can be formed on half of the face. There are several forms of Port Wine Stain treatment in Abu dhabi but only laser treatment has shown good progress. The treatment options are

  • Freezing
  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Tattooing
  • Laser treatment


Ancient freezing method is applied to the affected area for Port Wine Stains treatment in Dubai and it cures the affected area by numbing it and clears the pain caused by port wine stains.


Surgery is another method in use for port wine stains treatment in Dubai and in this method the area affected by the stains is operated to remove the dead cells so that the new healed cells can take place of the affected area. Bed rest of atleast a week is advised to the patient and direct sunlight is to be avoided at all the cost for certain period of time.


Radiation therapy is also in used for port wine stains treatment in Dubai but it is a costly and lengthy procedure that utilizes the ionization radiations to cure the affected part. Radiation is used because of its ability to control the cell growth. After the procedure the patient is advised the bed rest for weeks and direct sunlight is avoided for weeks.


It is an ancient method used to hide the stains. Port Wine Stains treatment in Dubai by tattooing was the most frequent procedure used in the last decade but negative effects of the procedure are higher. Tattooing also causes itching to the affected area when applied and it is only possible if the wine stains are smaller in size.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is the most successful way to cure the Port wine stains and it is the only procedure that allows the patient to carry out their tasks after the procedure. The laser treatment is the noninvasive method for Port Wine Stains Treatment in Abu Dhabi and it works in way that laser gun is used to create holes in the affected dead cells that pave the way for regeneration of the cells. The treated area can be numbed if the patient is sensitive in nature otherwise the procedure is carried out without hurting the patient. After the treatment the patient can carry out all the indoor tasks as the direct sunlight should be avoided for couple of days of the Port wine stains treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Post treatment care

There is no serious post treatment care for the port wine stains treatment in Abu Dhabi but the following should be kept in mind

  • Direct sunlight should be avoided at all cost and use of hats, sunglasses and sun creams should be done while going out in the summers
  • Skin care products should be used after consultancy of Dermatologist and after Port Wine Stains treatment in Abu Dhabi, sun creams of max protection should be used.
  • If pain is felt after the procedure the dermatologist should be consulted at the spot.

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