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oxygen facialKeeping the face fresh is the main priority of everyone as we are living in the era of Selfies. There are several ways to keep the skin tone of the body fresh and hydrated. Some of the methods of skin treatment provide quick results but often end the patient with acne or dehydrated skin. The skin treatments via pills and creams aren’t that successful either, there’s but one way to keep the skin fresh for longer period of time without any side effects. Oxygen Facial treatment in Dubai is available under supervision of qualified dermatologist

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial is rather new treatment technology that makes the skin complexion better, removes wrinkles and Botox. It is also used for pigmentation treatment and skin moisturizing as well. The Oxygen facial was invented back in 2002 by Australian doctors who used it in chemotherapy to treat the skin cancer patients.  Oxygen facials got their popularity from the Hollywood celebrities as it is common practice by Hollywood actresses to undergo the Oxygen Facial treatment before going in front of camera.

Ideal candidates for the treatment

Oxygen Facial is the ideal treatment for those who are looking for zero negative effects and a quick procedure to clear their skin from every kind of cosmetic problem from acne to wrinkles, the Oxygen Facial in Dubai cures it all. The treatment is side effects free and takes no time to complete. You should apply for the oxygen facial treatment if you are looking for

  • Better skin complexion
  • Removal of the sagging skin
  • Removal of the acne and shrinking of large pores
  • Removal of sun damaged skin

How Oxygen Facial Works

Oxygen facial works in way that the air brush gun is applied to the skin that generates 90-95% of the oxygen, it helps in absorption of the serums to the skin and when oxygen is absorbed completely to the skin of the body it starts the self healing process that refreshes the skin tone and oxygen provides calming and cooling effect to the skin of the patient. The Oxygen Facial treatment in Dubai kills the bacteria on the body that causes different cosmetic problems including acne and large pores.

Due to increased advancements in the technology of Oxygen Facial treatment in Dubai, it is divided into four types to let the patient choose the best according to the need.

  • Skin rejuvenation is Oxygen facial treatment in Dubai for those patients who are in need of moisturized, tight skin and want to eliminate the wrinkles as well. It is suitable for every type of candidates and provides smoother and tighter skin.
  • Opulence is Oxygen Facial treatment in Abu Dhabi for those patients who are looking for a brighter skin tone and want to get rid of the uneven skin tone. Pigmentation is also cured in this procedure.
  • Clarity provides great cure from the acne and also is good for moisturizing issue of the skin. This Oxygen Facial treatment in Dubai is ideal for all the candidates in the age group.
  • Atoxelene is a complete treatment procedure and is sometimes taken as non-invasive Botox treatment. The treatment has all the features of other treatment as it holds the ability to soften the skin, remove wrinkles, provide better skin tone and contour the eyes and plump up the lips.

Preparation for Procedure

It is recommended that qualified Dermatologist must be consulted before undergoing or selecting any kind of Oxygen Facial treatment in Dubai. The dermatologist can recommend the best kind of therapy of Oxygen facial according to your skin type. After you’ve selected the oxygen facial type then you can prepare for procedure by

  • Keep your skin clean and clear before the procedure
  • Avoid smoking a week prior to the treatment
  • Skin tanning should be avoided at all cost
  • Direct exposure to sun shall be avoided before undergoing the Oxygen Facial Treatment in Abu Dhabi.
  • Any kind of makeup or lotion or cream shall be avoided at all cost.

Post Treatment information

After undergoing Oxygen Facial Treatment in Abu Dhabi you can return to carry out the daily routine exercises but it is recommended that rest for some hours is taken after the procedure.  The treatment is noninvasive and allows the patient to get clear and glowing skin in just matter of hours. The Oxygen Facial treatment in Abu Dhabi has no side effects and it promotes the cell growth and improves the skin tone. There are no serious care required after the treatment but

  • Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided after the procedure
  • Powerful sun creams should be used after the treatment
  • Hats and sunglasses should be used to avoid the contact from sunlight and
  • Cheap and outdated makeup should be avoided after undergoing the Oxygen Facial Treatment in Dubai.


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