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In today’s day and age, a lot of emphases is laid on an ideal body. Various names are given to the supposedly perfect body type; beach body, model body, hot body. We pay attention to every single part of our body and want it to make it look picture perfect. We all have at least one problem area as per society’s standard. We forget that the all the pictures in the magazines are photoshopped and all these amazing celebrities have a whole team behind them that help them look a certain way. Regardless of that, having flab on the upper arms, under the chin, tummy or thighs is never attractive. Diet and exercise play an important role but sometimes people need a quick fix. Aqualyx injections in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide just that. These injections break down the fat deposits which are removed by our urinary system over a period of a month.

Are you an Ideal Candidate?

Aqualyx injections in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are an amazing way to get rid of excess fat deposits and acquire a slim and toned body. It is important to determine that whether they are a right fit for you or not. It is perfect for you if:

  • You want to get rid of excess fat quickly.
  • You want a toned and tight body.
  • You do not want to diet or exercise excessively.
  • You are looking for long lasting results.
  • You are looking for a safe procedure without any side effects.
  • You must not be breastfeeding.
  • You shouldn’t be pregnant.

Pre-Treatment Care

Despite the Aqualyx treatment in Sharjah being a non-invasive procedure, there are a few tips that you must follow before undergoing the treatment. Here is a list of three basic care tips:

  • Fill in all your prescriptions, way ahead of time.
  • Keep your body hydrated by increasing water intake and limiting caffeinated beverages.
  • Get all the tests done prior to the treatment to ensure it is safe for you.

The Procedure

Aqualyx treatment in Abu Dhabi is a lunch hour procedure that can be completed in less than 30 seconds. It involves following key steps:

  • The area from which you want to eliminate fat deposits is cleaned properly.
  • The points where injections are to administered are marked down for accuracy.
  • Local anesthesia is administered to the body to ensure that you won’t feel a thing during the procedure.
  • An Aqualyx injection is injected into the desired region via ultra fine needles into the fatty tissue which breaks down the fat cells.
  • These fat tissues are extracted by the urinary system over a period of one month.
  • A cooling gel is applied afterward.

Post-Procedural Care

Post-Procedural Care is an important aspect of the Aqualyx injections in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Follow these guidelines to ensure the healing and recovery phase runs smoothly and you don’t experience any side effects.

  • Cold compressions are helpful for eliminating swelling and discomfort.
  • Do not forget to take any suggested medications.
  • If your skin is a little itchy and dry, apply all the topical medications.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol and drink water instead.
  • Do not use any blood thinning medicines.

Recovery Phase

The duration of recovery phase after Aqualyx Dubai treatment won’t last for more than a week. You can immediately return back to work abut you must not forget to follow all the Post Treatment Care instructions if you are looking for a quick and uneventful recovery.


The results of Aqualyx injections in Abu Dhabi are mind blowing. You will start to notice changes in your body after the very first week. However, complete results can be usually seen after one month. Even after you achieve a slim and toned body, ensure to follow a healthy lifestyle afterward to maintain the results

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