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Human quest for physical perfection has been ongoing since the very start of history. With technological advancements, the field of skincare too has seen a lot of improvements over the years. Laser treatment in Abu Dhabi & Dubai have truly been a revolution over the last couple of decades.

They offer a lot of ease in correcting a number of skin related condition which previously required extremely invasive procedures to be treated. It not only improves the skin but does so without any serious health risks like those associated with surgical procedures. Laser treatments have minimum and temporary side effects and in most cases no downtime. The pain is also almost nonexistent. A few treatment sessions are needed in order to achieve the desired results.

It is able to treat a host of conditions which makes it an excellent choice. The treatment methods in each of these treatments vary and a different laser is used. We shall briefly look into the conditions that can be treated with laser treatments.


Hyperpigmentation is quite a common problem that can be seen in form of different skin conditions like Melasma, freckles and blemishes and age spots amongst others. The laser targets the melanin buildup and removes it by breaking it down. The body is than able to easily remove it. A few treatment sessions are needed and the exact number depends upon the given condition and its extent.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

These are quite common world over and are one of the first signs of aging on the skin which are caused by dehydration, sun damage and pollution in the environment. To correct fine lines and wrinkles, laser skin resurfacing treatment is used.

Not only does it help in generating healthier skin cells to replace the damaged ones, it also helps in boosting the production of collagen and elastin. These are structural proteins that play a key role in maintaining the firmness of the skin. Some results are instant though full results need some time to show. Within a few treatment sessions, the skin can regain its original healthy shape.

Sagging Skin

Sagging skin gives an appearance of tired and loose skin. It can be corrected with laser which works by bypassing the top layers of the skin and works at the deeper layers to increase the production of collagen and elastin. As the levels of these two increase, the skin become supple and firm and sagginess goes away.

Unwanted Body Hair

Unwanted body hair can be a real nuisance and no one wants to have them. Laser hair removal Dubai works to target the ability of the follicles to reproduce hair. This is done by targeting the melanin in the follicles and heating them up to achieve this purpose. The follicles miniaturize as a result. Within a few sessions, all the unwanted hair can stop growing.


There is a wide range of scars that can make the skin look bad. These include Acne Scar Treatment, scars caused by surgical procedures and those present due to some kind of trauma. Laser skin resurfacing is an ideal solution for this problem and it rivals the results from the surgical procedures without posing the same risks of infection. With new skin growing on top and an increase in collagen levels, the appearance of the scars reduces and eventually is almost gone altogether.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have long been the most loved form of body art. However, many people tend to have a change of mind and want to get rid of them. Laser tattoo removal is an excellent choice in this regard. It breaks down the pigmentation in the tattoo which the immune system can then remove. Different lasers are needed for different colors and darker colors are generally the easier ones to get rid of. Several sessions are needed to get rid of the tattoos depending on the colors, shapes and size and the expertise of the tattoo artist who put it on in the first place.

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