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Skin Whitening in OmanIn some cultures in different regions of the world, the skin tone plays an important part in the definition of beauty. Generally a fairer skin tone is directly thought to be related with good looks and attractiveness. It can help a person gain a better social status in certain cases. While the liking for the lighter skin tone is not this extreme in Oman, there are plenty of people who want to lighten their skin shade.

Every years, Dubai Laser Treatment gets plenty of overseas clients for the various skin withering treatments from various countries in the Gulf Region including Oman. Currently, overseas branches are being considered. While they are established, our clients from Oman can still enjoy our services at our clinics in Dubai.

Skin Whitening Treatments

To improve the tone of your skin, there are several skin whitening options that can be brought to use. We shall briefly discuss them in the following lines.

Chemical Peels

These are acidic solutions that are applied to the skin in order to resurface it in order to improve the tone of the skin. These are available in different strengths and their effects vary as per the strength as well.

Once they remove the damaged top layer of the skin, healing process is jumpstarted in the skin. Healthier skin soon replaces the damaged layer. Collagen levels in the skin also improve at the same time to make the skin firmer.

Soon after the first treatment, some improvement in the complexion can be seen. Depending upon the nature of the peels, the exact number of sessions needed is determined. In case of light and medium peels, multiple sessions will be needed. However, in case of deep peels, the application is only a onetime event.

The side effects are mostly mild and temporary. There is no downtime with mild and medium peels but deep peels application requires a person to take several days off. Be sure that peels are applied by a professional since trying it yourself has a serious risk of burning the top layer of the skin.


The treatment works by exfoliating the damaged top layer of the skin. For this purpose, a specialized wire brush is used. As the skin is exfoliated, healing process immediately starts. Over the next few days, the damaged skin crusts away and new skin comes up on top. The skin has a lighter tone in comparison with the one removed recently. At the same time, the level of collagen production in the skin is boosted which helps the skin remain firm and healthy.

Like most similar treatments, several sessions are needed to achieve the desired outcome. There are some side effects and there is some downtime with this treatment since it is considered to be highly invasive. It does though bring some great results once the treatment sessions have been completed.


Microdermabrasion also works at the principle of skin exfoliation but it uses a handheld device that sprays tiny crystal for the purpose instead of using a wire brush. It is a minimally invasive procedure that removes the top damaged layer of the skin in order to replace it with healthier skin. At the same time, collagen levels are also increased in the skin which keeps the skin in good shape in general.

With a few treatments, a noticeable improvement in the skin tone can be seen. The side effects after the treatment are mild and temporary. Photosensitivity is developed and it important to take precautions like wearing a hat and applying sunscreen while going outdoors. There is no downtime which makes this procedure a fantastic option.

To learn more about the skin whitening treatment options or to schedule a procedure, visit us at Laser treatment in Oman. If you wish to learn more about visiting or if you are located overseas, you can sign up for a free online consultation by simply taking a minute to fill in the form given below.

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