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Melasma is a skin condition characterized by grayish brown patches on the surface of skin. Mostly these patches appear on the facial area. It occurs due to excess melanin production by melanocytes; color producing cells. Usually it affects people of color and women are more prone to Melasma than men. Also, women who are pregnant might also be affected by Melasma. It is also termed as “mask of pregnancy”. However, you do not have to live with it as Melasma treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can cure your Melasma completely.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Before progressing towards the treatment options itself, it is important to determine whether you are the ideal candidate for Melasma treatment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, consider the following aspects:

  • You must be aged 20 or above.
  • You want to completely eliminate Melasma.
  • You want to an even skin tone.
  • You are not suffering from any chronic disease.
  • You want to better the condition of your skin.

Goals of the treatment

It is an amazing treatment which helps to restore your natural skin tone and rejuvenate your skin as well. These are goals of Melasma Treatment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai:

  • It helps to get rid of Melasma.
  • It evens out your skin tone.
  • It makes your skin appear even.
  • It lightens your skin.
  • It makes your skin glow.

Pretreatment care

Every treatment involves some pretreatment care measures you must follow religiously. Here are a few general guidelines:

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Apply sunscreen religiously to your skin.
  • Do not exfoliate our skin two weeks before the treatment.
  • Fill in your prescriptions in advance.
  • Avoid natural and fake tanning as well.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol consumption.


There are multiple treatments which can help to cure Melasma and beautify your skin. Some of the most popular Melasma treatments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai include:

Topical Creams

Topical creams are used as first line of defense against Melasma. They generally contain products which calms your skin down and treat pigmentation issues. Most common ingredients in the topical creams include Kojic acid, azelaic acid and hydroquinone. It is important to always consult a dermatologist in Abu Dhabi before selecting a topical treatment.


It is one of the most successful Melasma treatment in Abu Dhabi as it removes the dead cells from the skin and reveals the fresh skin underneath. It further speeds up the cell turnover which makes your skin appear smooth and cures Melasma completely. It is advised to consult the dermatologist in Dubai before selecting an appropriate treatment.


Chemical peels

Chemical peels are another great option for treating Melasma but they work slowly and require multiple sessions for Melasma to completely fade away. Number of sessions can vary for each individual. Roughly 3 to 6 sessions are enough to treat Melasma completely. Doctor will suggest a superficial peel or a stronger peel depending upon the current state of your skin.


Laser treatment

Laser is the permanent Melasma treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The treatment works by moving laser gun across the surface of skin which targets damaged areas of the skin. It further triggers the cell regeneration and boosts collagen production. The laser treatment is noninvasive and allows the patient to resume daily activities immediately after the procedure.


IPL Facial

Intense Pulse Light Facial is another great option for the Melasma treatment in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. A broad spectrum light of certain wave lengths is required to break down the excess pigments. It results in complete removal of the Melasma, making your skin appear smooth, spotless, glowing and younger looking.


Post treatment care

It is important to follow an appropriate after care regimen after the treatment to avoid any complications. Here are a few general guidelines to follow after you have undergone Melasma treatment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Wear a strong sunscreen of SPF 50 and above.
  • Do not massage the treated region.
  • Use cold compressions to minimize any swelling.
  • Apply topical creams religiously.
  • Do not pick at your skin.



Results of Melasma treatment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can vary depending upon the treatment you choose. However, instant difference can be felt in your skin after the very first session. Results produced by the treatment are permanent and do not require any maintenance in the future.


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