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Ever heard of Kybella before? No? Well, let me tell you. Kybella is an injectable which helps you to get rid of excess fat around chin and neck. As we get older, our skin begins to sag which results in a turtle neck and double chin. Excess fat is also the main cause of fat accumulation around certain areas. Genetics is another main culprit as many skinny individuals also accumulate fat around the neck. A few years back, a number of surgical options were used to get rid of double chin. Lucky for you, cosmetic industry has upped their game and we now have Kybella treatment for double chin in Abu Dhabi (A non-invasive solution).

Composition of Kybella Injection

The unique composition of Kybella injection for double chin in Abu Dhabi is what makes the fat to melt away. Let’s have a look into it;

Kybella is basically a concentrated form of deoxycholic acid.  The deoxycholic acid is naturally produced in our body by the gallbladder and the liver. It performs many essential functions including:

  • Digestion of fat is one of the key functions of Kybella
  • It allows efficient absorption of vitamins in your body.
  • It also helps with the cholesterol levels
  • Deoxycholic acid functions as a hormone in your body
  • It helps your digestive system by secreting certain enzymes into the intestine which eventually aids with the fat breakdown.

Are you the right prospect?

If you are looking for a non-invasive solution for eliminating double chin or a turtle neck Kybella treatment for double chin in Abu Dhabi is most likely the right option for you. Here are a few things that fill qualify you to be an ideal candidate:

  • 18 years is the minimum age for you to undergo the treatment.
  • If you are breastfeeding, it’s not the right time to undergo the treatment.
  • You cannot undergo the treatment during pregnancy.
  • If you are struggling with lymph node issues, you might not want to try Kybella treatment in Abu Dhabi.
  • If you are struggling with bleeding disorders, do not undergo the treatment.

Pre-Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care of Kybella treatment for double chin in Abu Dhabi is fairly important. Your dermatologist will guide you better in this regard. Here are just a few of the basic care tips:

  • Refrain from blood thinning medications as they might lead to bruising.
  • Supplement should be avoided two weeks prior to the treatment as they can increase the chances of bruising.
  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited for a few days before the treatment.
  • Do not massage the treatment site.
  • Fill in all your prescriptions in advance.
  • Get all the tests recommended by your doctor prior to the treatment.


The Kybella injections in Abu Dhabi are administered to the superficial layer of fat. Usually. Multiple injections will be used instead of a single one.  You might have to go through multiple sessions to see significant results.

The Procedure

Kybella injections for double chin in Abu Dhabi is a simple lunch hour procedures with the following basic steps:

  • The treatment site is cleaned properly before the treatment.
  • Numbing creams or local anesthesia is used to numb the skin in order to make it a painless procedure.
  • The injections are injected into the superficial layer of the fat at different angles.
  • They attack the fat cell by interrupting the cellular membranes.
  • Once the membrane is interrupted, the fat cell explodes and dies.
  • This concludes the procedure, resulting in improved facial contours.

Post-Procedural Care

Post-procedural care is nearly as important as the procedure itself. Just follow all the care tips given by the dermatologist and you will surely have an uneventful recovery after Kybella treatment in Abu Dhabi:

  • If you experience swelling, cold compressions can be used after every hour.
  • Resist your urge to scratch the treatment site and massaging it is strictly prohibited as well.
  • Avoid doing any heavy exercises or strenuous activities for at least a month.
  • Avoid blood thinning medications and supplements if you want to avoid bruising.
  • Apply the topical medications suggested by the dermatologist.

Downtime and Recovery Period

After Kybella treatment for double chin in Abu Dhabi, you can immediately resume your daily activities. Make sure to religiously follow the aftercare instructions.  Slight swelling and numbness are fairly common and expected side effects but they will be eliminated within a week.

Benefits of Kybella Treatment

Kybella Treatment for double chin in Abu Dhabi has following key benefits:

  • It is a non-surgical treatment.
  • It offers speedy results.
  • Results are long lasting and won’t require maintenance.
  • Recovery is speedy and uneventful.
  • The procedure is entirely painless.


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