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Fractional CO2 in TurkeySkincare treatments have greatly evolved in the recent past and many conditions that were hard to treat without surgery in yesteryear can now be treated noninvasively with ease. The improvement of laser treatments has played a big role in this improvement.

One of the most sought after treatments at Dubai Laser Treatment is the Fractional CO2. For this laser treatment, not only do we get clients from the UAE but also from overseas. Turkey is one of the countries from which we get a significant number of people seeking this particular treatment. Currently opening on overseas branch is being considered for Turkey. However, for now, our esteemed clients from Turkey can continue to get treated at the facilities in Dubai.

What is fractional CO2?

It is fractionated carbon dioxide laser used to treat a number of skin related conditions with great effectiveness. Due to the minimally invasive nature of the treatment, it does not carry the baggage of issues like many other skincare treatments.

How does it work?

Fractional CO2 works by resurfacing the skin the damaged area in order to replace it with healthier skin. To achieve this task, fractionated carbon dioxide laser makes tiny holes in the top layer of the skin. In the coming days, the damaged skin crusts away and healthier skin continues to replace it as a part of natural healing process.

The level of collagen and elastin in the skin improves with the treatment. These structural protein are critical for the health of the skin in general. The condition of the skin improves a fair bit in the days to follow. After a couple of weeks, a clear difference can be seen as the treatment takes full effect.

Which conditions can it treat?

Fractional CO2 can help in getting rid of a number of common and annoying skin related problems. The list includes pigmentation issues like freckles and blemishes, Melasma and sun spots. It is also very useful for getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles which are considered to be the first signs of skin aging.

Acne is a big issue for the teens and can continue to affect people beyond adolescence as well. Fractional CO2 laser can also help in killing the bacteria causing the acne and unclog the pores to get rid of this problem. Scarring caused by acne, surgery and trauma is also treated effectively with fraction al CO2.

Anyone who should avoid the treatment?

The treatment is useful for most people though there are some cases in which people should avoid getting fractional CO2 treatment. Women that are pregnant or may become pregnant and those nursing a baby should not get the treatment. Although there is no evidence available that it can affect the mother or the child, not enough research has been carried out to rule out any ill effects.

People who may have used isotrtinion or Accutane in the last six months should also not get this laser treatment. People with darker skin tones generally cannot derive the same level of success in some of the treatments so be sure to check with your doctor on whether or not it is a good treatment option for you.

Is fractional CO2 painful?

The procedure has some sensation of pain similar to that of a light rubber band snapping against the skin. To numb down this sensation of pain, topical anesthetics are applied which do a fantastic job. More or less there is no pain after the anesthetics has been applied.

How many sessions of treatment are needed?

The exact number of sessions can be determined based on the condition and its extent and how well the patient responds to the treatment. Mostly five to six treatment sessions are enough but this number can vary quite a bit in individual cases. The doctor treating you can best guide you after taking into account all the matters of importance in this regard.

How good are the results?

The results on offer from the treatment are fantastic and most conditions can be treated completely. In some cases, fractional CO2 can rival the results from the surgical facelift. With a little care, the results can be maintained for a long period of time.

Side effects and downtime with fractional CO2

Mostly the side effects from the treatment are mild and temporary. These include tenderness to touch in the treated area, itching and redness and swelling. These side effects subside on their own in a period of a few hours to a couple of days. In some rare cases, bruising that is temporary in nature can also take place.

Temporary photosensitivity is also developed after the treatment. Sun must be avoided during the peak hours and once you go out, ensure you cover the treated area well. If it is on the face or neck, wearing a large floppy hat is a must. If it is on the body, ensure that you wear such clothing that fully covers the body to ward off the ill effects of UV rays. Wearing a sunscreen with a high SPF in it is also good idea in general and after a fractional CO2 laser treatment in particular.

There is generally no downtime and a person can continue his or her everyday routine soon after the treatment. Rest is recommended but generally not mandatory. You may have to skip workout for a day or two after the treatment in some cases.

To learn more about fractional CO2 or to schedule an appointment for procedure, visit us at Laser treatment in Dubai. If you reside overseas or wish to learn more about the treatment prior to visiting us, you can sign up for a free online consultation with our experts by taking a minute to fill in the form given below.

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