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Extra fats are problem of everyone, although its most common between the over-weight people but extra fats can effect anyone even the underweight people can have extra fat in some parts of the body. The most common example is of extra fats in stomach which is the biggest problem in every weight category. The extra fats are caused by different factors such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. Several medicines also cause excessive weight deposit on different parts of the body as reaction. Irregular gym workout also causes fat deposits at different parts of body causing a cosmetic condition. The excessive fat result in unhealthy body and restrict the patient from exercises and restricts the movement of the patient. There are several causes of the excessive fat deposits in the body; some of them are as under

Age factor

Age is the biggest factor in determining the excessive fat removal as after a certain age, it becomes increasingly difficult to get rid of the fat problem and in several cases the fat teenagers lose weight during the puberty.

Wrong workout

Excessive fats can be reduced by the workout and dieting but in several cases the wrong workout leads to deposit of more fats in certain part of the body and that’s the reason why a proper gym trainer is required to help the excessive Fat Removal Treatment in Dubai. Fat removal with the help of dieting and exercise is the most common way of reducing fats but isn’t as effective as Fat melting treatment.

Wrong diet

Proper dieting is required to keep a healthy body. Limited amount of fats are part of healthy body but due to improper diet, the fats will exceed limit and cause major deposits in almost all parts of body. Such fats cannot be gotten rid of except by fat melting treatment in Abu Dhabi.


Excessive fats are more likely to be deposited on your body if your family has obesity problem. In such condition, the fat melting treatment in Dubai is advised so that the patient can lose excessive weight without any side effects and problems.

Effects of excessive fats

The excessive fats are not only a cosmetic problem but also cause several medical conditions as well. The problems caused by excessive fats are decreasing the stamina of patient, problems in breathing, problem in movement; excessive fats also damage the digestive system leading to constipation and also known as leading cause of Atherosclerosis. High calories can cause blood to thicken and it results in problems in circulatory system as well.

Treatment for excessive fats

Extra fats as described earlier cause several problems in the human beings; in worst cases they can lead to asthma, diabetes and cancer. There are many solutions to the excessive fat problem but the most important treatment available today is fat melting treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Fat melting treatment

In Dubai, you can get rid of excessive fats of the body without undergoing any surgical procedure. The Laser liposuction in Dubai works in way that the laser is used to bombard the affected area of the body via laser beams on specific wavelength that causes the fats of the body to melt and mix with the blood stream. The melted fats are sent to liver for further processing and the fat melting treatment in Dubai is done without any surgical insertion or any pain.

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