What’s the Best Skin Tightening Treatment? Evaluating Your Options

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With the advancement of procedures and increase in the number of candidates for anti-aging procedures, you need to find an answer to this question; which is the best skin tightening treatment in Abu Dhabi?

The Trend during Last Decade

Over the last 10 years, a massive shift towards non-invasive procedures is seen in the cosmetic industry. The traditional nip and tuck approach is replaced by the non-invasive laser skin tightening Dubai options. Why would people ever want to undergo extreme pain when he/she can get the exact same results in a matter of few sessions and near to no downtime?

The Best Options

With over years of research and treating a good number of patients, we have concluded that these two treatments are certainly on top of the list when it comes to fighting wrinkles.

  • Radiofrequency Treatment with Micro needling
  • Ultherapy Treatment

Radiofrequency and Micro needling- The radiofrequency energy is certainly a viable treatment option for the revival of a youthful and tight skin especially when used with micro needling technology. The Micro needling seems to help the radiofrequency waves to penetrate into the dermis. Therefore the results are maximized. We also gathered feedback from our valued clients and they all seem to agree that it is the best decision they have ever made for themselves. They are now loving the skin they are in.

Ultherapy– Sound energy is the highlight of this entire procedure. It aims to correct the damage caused because of gravity and revitalizes your skin. Ulthera system is used at our clinic which utilizes the sound energy to correct the skin issues by gradually improving the condition of the skin. It also helps in giving a more balanced tone to the skin. It can be used on the face and neck and acts as an amazing skin tightening treatment in Abu Dhabi. All of the clients at our clinic are extremely satisfied with the results they got from Ultherapy. The number of sessions can vary from 4 to 8 depending upon the current quality of your skin and the desired outcome.

The Use of Devices is Critical

A lot of importance is laid of the choice of the clinic and the surgeon because most of them will use quality equipment and devices to assist the treatment. We understand the importance of equipment along with the technique of a dermatologist. Our research department ensures to use the best equipment available in the department and is continuously working to improve our services.

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