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Laser Hair Removal Abu Dhabi has been one of a kind technique to eliminate unwanted hair in a matter of few sessions. The results are mind blowing and permanent in nature. No traditional hair removal technique can match the latest laser hair removal Abu Dhabi.

The Procedure

The procedure of laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi works on the principle of targeting dark melanin in the skin. As obvious, the hair is darker in color as compared to skin, the laser strikes the root of the hair follicle beneath the surface of the skin and prohibits its ability to grow in future. This key principle helps you get rid of unwanted hair in a matter of few seconds.

What were the limitations of earlier techniques?

There were certain limitations associated with older lasers used for laser hair removal Abu Dhabi. it was not suitable for people who had darker skin tones. The only people who were suitable for laser hair removal Abu Dhabi were those with lighter skin tones and darker hair color. This made the technique limited for only a small quotient of the entire population. Also, people who had, lighter colored hair couldn’t undergo laser hair removal Abu Dhabi.

What’s new in Laser Technology?

With the advancements in laser technology, people with darker skin tones can undergo laser and eliminate the unwanted hair effectively and efficiently. There are no more disasters of burned skin as with earlier lasers. However, even the modern day lasers fail to cater to the problem of blond and red hair.  It is still a limitation which is yet to overcome by the researchers and the dermatologists.

What Future Holds for Us?

The future hair transplant technology promises to cater to those individuals which have red, blond, gray or white hair. Many researchers have been conducted. Some dermatologist claim that they can perform laser on people with blond hair but there are no significant proofs that it will work for all individuals. But many dermatologists suggest that within two to three years, it would be a reality.

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Different skins react differently to various types of lasers. For this reason, we offer an initial consultation free of cost ion which our dermatologists will guide you regarding the perfect laser choice in a one on one consultation. Fill out the form below and discover the answer to your beauty concerns.


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