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Warts Removal in Abu Dhabi is absolutely necessary for people struggling with warts all over their body. For the most part, they are entirely harmless but can be extremely annoying to look at. There are endless reasons to blame for the development of warts. Lack of personal hygiene is one of them; some doctors also blame friction of skin and genetics for the development of warts.

Formation and Types of Warts

There is a virus known as papillomavirus also known by the name of HPV. It attacks the cap of the skin and causes warts development. There are mainly four types of warts known as plantar warts, common warts, flat warts and genital warts.

  • Plantar Warts- Also known by the name of foot warts, they grow on our soles. These types of warts grow in groups and give the appearance of mosaic tiles. They are painful because our feet are carrying the entire weight of our body. Another key cause behind planter warts is moisture. In order to avoid the formation of warts and the need of warts removal in Abu Dhabi, keep your feet clean and dry at all times, wear socks and moisturize them in order to avoid the formation of cracks.
  • Flat Warts- The second most common type of warts, usually the children suffer from these. They look like pinheads and are also known as Juvenile warts. They can appear anywhere on the body. They are mostly found on face, hands and knees. You will not see only one or two of them but they rather grow in clusters; hundreds of them at the same time. They are extremely itchy and you must immediately go for warts removal in Abu Dhabi.
  • Genital Warts- These type of warts are the nastiest of all. The genital tissues are super sensitive to pain. You cannot live with these type of warts as they are painful and itchy. You must immediately consult a dermatologist and ask him to devise a suitable warts removal treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Treatment Options

One should always consider safety first when it comes to finding the ultimate treatment for warts removal in Abu Dhabi. The ideal way to determine which is the best treatment option for you is by visiting a dermatologist. The dermatologist will check your warts and skin thoroughly, determine the type of warts and then devise a suitable solution to your problem. Here is a list of the commonly used procedures for warts removal in Abu Dhabi.


The process of cryotherapy works by freezing warts and then cutting them afterward. It involves the use of sharp scissors, or scalpels. The dermatologist will suggest using over the counter medications once it is cut off. The only downfall of this treatment is that it can cause extreme pigmentation issues for people with darker skin tones.

Surgical Warts Removal

If you have quite a few warts, surgeons usually recommend going via a surgical procedure. Local anesthesia is administered to your skin and warts are removed afterward. Tiny stitches might or might not be required depending upon the number and size of warts.  You will experience scarring after this treatment and will have to use some creams or further treatments to eliminate scarring.

Laser Treatment

A laser is the most sought after option when it comes to finding the perfect warts removal in Abu Dhabi treatment. It is a minimally invasive procedure. It does not involve any cuts, stitches and bleeding. The numbers of sessions can vary depending upon the size, number and types of warts. Once the number of sessions is completed, warts will be a thing of the past and you won’t have to worry about them. And the best part about the laser is that the treatment does not make your skin scar.

Free Consultation

If you are struggling with warts or any other skin problem, a visit to a dermatologist is a must. Now, you will probably be thinking to yourself that it costs too much and what if I don’t want to proceed with any treatment. To counter this problem, we have introduced free consultation and a chance to get the skin analysis done by professionals. All you have to do is to fill out the consultation form below. That’s all. Hurry Up!


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