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Hygiene is the most important part of any life. It is medical and cosmetic requirement to keep the body clean for best looking body and to treat the diseases. The biggest reason for dark underarms is said to be unhygienic way of life. Dark underarms are not always sweating but also causing itching, swelling and bad odor; the loss of confidence comes as a side effect of the dark smelly underarms. Sun bathing, wearing sleeveless T-Shirts and transparent outfit becomes a problem. It is said that almost 40% of the people sweat excessively in the summers and the conditions are worse for the gym goners. Excessive sweating is also one major cause of dark underarms and it causes rashes in the underarms as well.


Back in the days, the only cure for the dark underarms was shaving the underarms timely to keep the body clean and for minimized sweating. With advancements in technology, now you can get the best underarm whitening treatment forever flawless without causing any side effects or body pain. The underarm whitening treatment is done in three steps basically because the problem is caused by three major factors. One is excessive hair, second is dark armpits and third is sweat glands that cause excessive sweating.

Excessive Hair

First of all, for the underarm whitening treatment forever flawless, excessive hair are removed from the body, it can be done by several ways but dermatologist and skin specialists suggest removing the excessive hair permanently to treat the condition. Excessive hair around the underarms are removed permanently by using

  • The Laser treatment in Dubai that removes the excessive hair without causing any problems.
  • Laser gun is set at required frequency to destroy the hair cells without causing any pain or any damage to other skin cells.
  • Hair cells are neutralized for longer period of time than any other method available for hair removal

Dark Armpits

After removing the excessive hair, the problems left are dark armpits and the excessive sweating. Dark armpits not only appear bad but are real cause of loss of self confidence. A person with dark armpits can’t swim, can’t even wear a sleeveless T shirt. The darkening of the armpits is done due to several reasons but the major reason is because of dead skin cells. There are several ways to whiten the dark armpits. They are divided in two categories i.e. home remedies and laser treatment.

Home remedies work in way that the solution is applied to the dark armpits for whitening; the treatment is done slowly but surely.

Laser Skin Whitening Treatment is relatively new and works by applying laser gun to remove the dead cells in an instant without causing any pain or any damage to other cells of the body. For Underarm whitening treatment forever flawless the laser gun is used as it whitens the underarms by replacing the dead cells with new cells by initiating the collagen production.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is caused by hormonal change in the body, quite often the hormonal change causes permanent problem. Excessive sweating causes itching, swelling and redness in the armpits and leads to medical conditions as well. The bad odor caused by the excessive sweating can be gotten rid of by using the deodorant spray but for sensitive skin it causes more problems and it doesn’t solves the sticky sweat. Permanent laser treatment is considered as the best treatment to get rid of excessive sweating. For this purpose

  • Qualified dermatologist is consulted to provide the best underarm whitening treatment forever flawless
  • The laser gun is set to required frequency to neutralize the sweat cells permanently.
  • The treatment area is marked by the dermatologist to minimize the pain during the procedure and to avoid the side effects
  • The non-invasive laser is applied and it blocks the sweat cells to seal them.
  • The laser treatment is considered as permanent but the qualified dermatologist will guide the best based on skin and condition of the Hyperhidrosis.
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