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Cosmetic treatments are considered as the most expensive procedures for the treatment but nowadays the cost has been reduced so much and the procedures nowadays are cheap, non invasive and non surgical in nature. The treatments available nowadays have no downtime and they allow the patient to resume the working routine right after the treatment; however some care is advised to prevent the negative impacts of external factors. The Laser therapy was considered as the most advanced treatment but there’s a therapy that is much advanced and better than the Laser treatment but is quite expensive.


ULtherapy is done with the help of ultrasound energy to tighten the skin, treat the acne scars, damaged veins and surgical scars; the biggest implementation of the UL-therapy is in removal of wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and skin sagging. Not only it provides the best results but it also shows quick effects. It is considered as the most advanced treatment but it is the most expensive treatment available. The Ultrasound Therapy is almost five times expensive than the normal treatments available in the cosmetic market and it is five times more effective than the normal treatment procedures available today.  UL therapy in Abu Dhabi is good for following cases

  • Improving the texture of the skin
  • Improve the skin tone
  • Remove acne scars
  • Remove surgical scars
  • Remove infected veins, birthmarks
  • Remove wrinkles, fine lines
  • Improve the tightness of the skin.

Consultancy from the qualified dermatologist is the most important before undergoing any kind of cosmetic treatment and it should be remembered that ULtherapy suits only few skin types and even small difference in wavelength of the ultrasound waves can caused devastating changes in the skin. ULtherapy in Dubai is done after free consultancy from qualified dermatologist and the treatment area is pre-marked to specify the target areas. The ULtherapy machine is set at specific frequency to pinpoint the infected cells to neutralize them and initiate the collagen production for better skin.

Procedure and care

The Ultrasound machine is applied to the treatment area on specific wavelength set by the qualified dermatologist to provide the best treatment to the body without causing any side effects. The full treatment procedure for the whole body is done under 40 minutes and you can resume the daily routine right after the treatment. The only pain felt during and after the treatment is tingling sensation on the treatment area. After the treatment following effects might be seen on the treatment area but will vanish after 36 hours.

  • Redness on treatment area
  • Mild swelling
  • Itching
  • photosensitivity

After the treatment, it is advised to stay away from the sunlight, use sun block accessories and creams. Blood thickening medicines should be avoided and make up should be avoided for atleast five days; drugs and alcohol should also be avoided for over a week after and before the treatment.

Facelift treatment vs ULtherapy

ULtherapy is considered as the most advanced treatment and is rather expensive but it is only for few skin types and requires qualified professional skin care specialists for the correct treatment. ULtherapy if applied through the armature skin consultant has caused skin blisters in some cases, that’s the reason why Ultherapy in Abu Dhabi is applied with the help of qualified dermatologist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The ULtherapy is considered as the answer to facelift treatment but due to its precise treatment, the facelift treatment is recommended by most of the dermatologists for sensitive skin types. Facelift treatment is considered better in terms of cost and its application as it can be applied by any kind of skin specialist but ULtherapy can only be applied by the qualified dermatologist and ULtherapy is FDA approved and has no side effects.


Ultherapy in Abu Dhabi is done to provide the best treatment to the patients but being most advanced treatment also means that it’s the most expensive treatment for facial cosmetic treatment. The effect of the treatment is magical and ends all the cosmetic problems such as wrinkles, skin sagging, fine lines and scars.

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