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Aging is one of the most inevitable phases a human goes through. No matter what one does, it can be slowed down but never completely removed. It has many ill effects on a person. Skin troubles are also a plenty in advanced age and one can look old and weary due to sagging skin. To correct the problem, there are number of treatment options that can be used.

One of the names on the list is Ultherapy. It is a relatively recent inclusion to the noninvasive treatments for sagging skin. Like other parts of the world, it is highly in demand in the Emirates as well. In order to learn more about this treatment, let’s dig in to learn more.

How does the treatment work?

girlUltherapy in Dubai is a treatment that is based on ultrasound waves that correct the skin laxity problem. The procedure is quite simple. Cooling gel is applied to the skin for the purpose of keeping discomfort away during the procedure.

A handheld device is then used to provide the skin with the sound energy at a predetermined rate. The waves penetrate through the top layers of the skin and work at a deeper level to ensure that the right conditions for the production of collagen are provided to the skin. Collagen is a structural protein that keeps the skin supple and firm and can be severely damaged by the pollution in the environment and the constant exposure to harmful UV rays.

Some results can be seen right away but the final results take time which can be several weeks. The reason is that the skin continues to improve as the level of collagen is boosted. The treatment does not use any other serums or medication and works purely with the ultrasound waves.

questionNumber of sessions

More than one session is needed in order to completely remove the skin laxity. Your doctor can determine the exact number depending upon the extent of your skin’s sagginess. Generally five to six sessions spaced a few weeks apart are enough to get the job done.

Downtime and side effects

clockThere is no downtime after the treatment and you can go right back to work once you are done. Side effects too are minimal and usually limited to redness, swelling, itching and tenderness to touch in the treated area. Usually the issues are gone in a day or two. In some rare occurrences, numbness and temporary bruising can take place. If there are any unusual effects on the skin, contact your treatment provider right away.

Can it replace the surgical facelift?

As far as the results are concerned, surgical facelifts are better than any treatment including Ultherapy. However, when it comes to overall value, a revisit to the facts is certainly in order. The surgical procedure can causes lengthy downtimes and possess serious health risks such as infections and scarring. Ultherapy on the other hand has no downtime and does not pose any serious health issues. With the overall decent results, Ultherapy is certainly a worthwhile option especially if you do not wish to undertake a risky surgery.

To learn more about the Ultherapy treatment in Dubai or to schedule a procedure, please visit us at Dubai Laser Treatment. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free online consultation simply by taking a moment to fill in the form given below.

Please note that we advise cosmetic procedures to be availed only for therapeutic or reconstructive reasons. If you have any symptoms of pain that persist after the treatment, we strongly advise that you see your doctor.

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