Types of Moles and Hunt for a Suitable Treatment

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A mole is usually a black or a brown colored circular mark on the surface of the skin. It can be flat or can have a dome-like surface. It is usually 4-6mm in diameter but can be bigger or smaller. The moles can be seen as a beauty spot or a beauty concern depending upon its location and overall appearance. Normally, the moles are harmless except for a few very rare cases where you need to get them operated. However, the choice of treatment for Mole Removal in Abu Dhabi depends upon the type of the mole. Here are the main types of moles:


These are a unique type of mole that exhibits irregular symptoms. They are not flat and have a few flurry borders. They can vary in size, shape, and color. This particular type of mole can be dangerous for you as well. Hence, instead of opting for a laser mole removal treatment in Abu Dhabi, you should get it checked first by a specialist.


They are also commonly known by the name of congenital nevi. They are usually found in the middle layer of the skin. They can vary significantly in size and color and are usually present on the surface of the skin by birth. However, they are completely harmless and must be treated via laser mole removal in Abu Dhabi.

Acquired Moles

This is certainly one of the most common types of moles. They are not present on your body by birth and you acquire it in your early childhood or teenage years. The main cause of acquired moles is excessive sun exposure. There is no better option than to go for Laser Mole Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Junctional Melanocytic

These particular types of moles are formed as a result of the accumulation of melanocytes. They are slightly raised and are dark colored. They are not harmful to your health in any manner. People usually treat them for cosmetic reasons and beauty concerns. 

Intradermal Nevi

They are the lightest colored moles you can ever find. They usually have a flesh tone and can be skin or pink in color. They usually develop when I child is three to four years old and or not that prominent. You can easily conceal them with a bit of makeup and you are good to go. You don’t really need a treatment for laser mole removal in Abu Dhabi for this particular point.


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