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Long, narrow, parallel lines on the surface of skin which are usually white, yellow or light grey in color are called stretch marks. They usually appear due to excessive stretch of skin. The main causes are pregnancy, extreme weight loss are one of the major reasons behind stretch marks.  They usually form when the middle layer of the skin is stretched beyond measure. There are connective fibers which eventually break and disrupt the production of collagen, resulting in scarring. Do not worry as cosmetic Stretch Marks Treatment in Abu Dhabi will cure all your worries.

Areas of body affected by stretch marks

Stretch marks can affect any area on your body which is a subject to rapid stretching. The most common area which is affected by stretch marks is abdomen. Most women who undergo pregnancy are a victim to stretch marks as their belly stretches during pregnancy. Apart from abdominal region, hips, buttocks, arms and thighs are also common areas on which stretch marks appear.  It is important to visit a dermatologist in Abu Dhabi for diagnosis of stretch marks and then opt for a suitable treatment.

Stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi

There are many home remedies that claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  They range from using apple cider vinegar to applying aloe vera on the affected region. In my personal experience, they don’t work at all. When it comes to treating stretch marks, cosmetic stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi is the ultimate cure. Here are a few Laser Treatments that you must follow when it comes to reducing or completely diminishing the appearance of stretch marks.

Chemical peels

There are generally two main types of chemical peels; lighter ones and stronger ones. Usually the stronger ones are used to treat the stretch marks. They not only get rid of stretch marks but will improve the texture of your skin and even out your skin tone as well. Multiple sessions of stretch marks might be required to reduce the visibility of stretch marks.


Dermabrasion is an invasive procedure which involves removing the outer layer of the skin with the help of an abrasive wire brush. It removes the top most layer of the skin with the help of a rotating head. It will remove the top most layer of the skin and allow the skin to heal itself in such a manner that the new skin is better than the previously damaged skin. This is a highly sensitive procedure and has to be performed by a professional skin specialist in Abu Dhabi.

Laser treatments

Lasers are the best treatments for Stretch Marks Treatment in Abu Dhabi.  It involves use of laser light to get rid of stretch marks. Laser created microscopic holes in the surface of skin which causes it heal. Stretch marks can be completely removed by a few sessions of laser treatments.

Having an ultimate stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi is the ultimate cure to have smooth, flawless and younger looking skin.

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