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Due to massive change in habits, food and eating pattern over the past century the aging signs have started appearing faster than usual. Sleeping pattern for example of all the teens is disturbed and is major cause of appearance of dark circle around the eyes. With advancements in technology the trends have changed in all the parts of life, now having a fairer skin with better lip, neck, head and jaw structure is considered more important than before. Back in the days aging treatments were only required by the elderly but nowadays such aging symptoms are found by almost everyone in their teens. Problems like dark circles, pigmentation, wrinkles, and scars have started to appear on the young age as well. The beauty standards of our generation due to cinematic influence and that’s the reason why it is highly recommended to treat the aging issues such as wrinkles, freckles, dark circles and fine lines.

Top 4 Anti aging Breakthroughs

Top 4 Anti aging Breakthroughs packages are available across all of Dubai that turns the body young in couple of sessions. The first most and prominent is skin sagginess issue that is treated with the help of dermatologists. Anti aging packages are available in the market that include treatment for skin sagginess, skin pigmentation due to aging, dark circles, neck, face, dryness of the skin and scars. Skin rejuvenation, micro-needling, laser, RF fractional, PRP and chemical peels are some treatment types can be used during the anti-aging treatment.

Micro needling treatment

Aging effects are prominent enough to make everyone guess your age so in order to pinpoint the treatment, micro-needling treatment for anti-aging is used. It kills the affected cells of the body and with its specialized needles targets the exact locations for better treatment. Micro-needles penetrate the body depending upon the area and depth of the treatment required and it can be combined with the RF fractional treatment to provide even enhanced results for aging. For elder customers or customers who have regeneration problem, PRP therapy can also be included in the micro-needling treatment for anti-aging so that the elders can heal faster. Qualified dermatologist should be consulted first before undergoing any kind of Top 4 Anti aging Breakthroughs.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is considered as the most successful treatment for anti-aging as it is non-surgical and there’s no pain involved in the procedure. The patient can resume the working routine right after the treatment and the only downtime in the laser treatment is care from exposure from sunlight. Laser treatment is the fastest healing treatment available in the market today. Laser beams destroy the problematic aged cells in the affected area of the body and this leads to cell regeneration. The skin that went through the laser is automatically tighter and healed skin is free of scars, aging marks and is smoother in nature.

Radio Frequency Treatment

RF waves are also considered as a powerful treatment for wrinkles and freckles for Anti-aging treatment in Abu Dhabi. Radio Frequency treatment is better for the wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles as they are easily targeted by the Radio Frequency waves. RF treatment can be mixed by other treatments to generate better response such as micro-needling treatment and PRP therapy. Qualified dermatologist should be consulted before undergoing any kind of treatment procedure.

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