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Timeline of My Laser Hair Removal Experience

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If you have ever wanted to undergo laser hair removal in Dubai but have mixed feelings about the procedure, this article is for you. There are so many different opinions about the treatment that it gets super difficult to separate the fact from the fiction. I wanted to get a Laser Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi because I had thick hair on my body and it was very unflattering as a woman. I wanted a permanent fix but didn’t want to blow up my savings for second to nothing results. I went to the initial consultation and despite the dermatologist’s effort, was not convinced at all. Then, my dermatologists suggested a fun experiment for me.

The Experiment

She asked me about what my go-to hair removal method was? I said it was shaving and I am used to shaving daily for years. She said that she will go for laser hair removal on half of my arm and rest of the half; I would have to shave like I normally do. The idea sounded awesome. I had nothing to lose so I gave in.  She marked the area on my arm and applied a numbing cream on half of my arm. She shaved my entire arm and did laser on one side. I didn’t felt a thing. I could not have been more grateful as I cannot handle any pain. The results I got were astounding. Here is a timeline of my Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Dubai:

After Ten Minutes

As soon as I got up to go home, my dermatologist asked me to stop for ten minutes to see the results, I said; “what, one cannot see a difference in ten minutes” and she said, “Yes, you can”. I couldn’t believe my eyes that difference was visible even after ten minutes. See for yourself.

After a Week

The laser treated area is absolutely hair free after one week while the shaven area has clearly long hair. I am scared that my arm is soon going to turn into a teddy bear at this point. But the experiment was yet to be continued. See the difference in the pictures.

After Two Weeks

Even after two weeks, there was absolutely no hair on the laser side while there the other side of my arm as definitely turned into a teddy bear. I really need to shave it now.

Laser versus Shaving

With shaving, hair grows back in one day and skin does not stay smooth even for a period of ten minutes. I personally didn’t experience any regrowth of hair in the laser treated area but some people do and they are advised to undergo multiple sessions of Laser Hair Removal Abu Dhabi. After seeing the results, I went for laser hair removal in Dubai for my entire body and it was the best beauty decision I have ever made.

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