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Acne is a common problem around the globe that affects most people at some stage in life. Teens bear the most brunt of acne and have to counter some annoying times. For most people, the arrival of the twenties is a goodbye for acne. However, some people continue to suffer with the problem. Acne as a chronic issue can leave scarring which is pretty unsightly. It is a permanent damage to the skin and the overall appearance of a person.

To correct the problem, there are several Acne Scar Treatment options that are available. Most people prefer not to undergo the knife and prefer nonsurgical procedures. In the UAE, these treatments are commonly sought and people are getting rid of these acne scars once and for all. We shall learn more about them in the following lines.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractional CO2 is the treatment of choice when it comes to laser skin resurfacing for treating Acne Scars.The treatment works with the help of fractionated carbon dioxide laser that bores tiny holes in the top layer of the skin in order to resurface it. As the skin crusts away, new skin is formed with lesser appearance of the scarring. At the same time, production level of elastin and collagen go up, making the skin suppler and firm at the same time.

A few sessions are required to get the intended outcome from the treatment. With each session, a marked improvement can be observed. Side effects are mild and temporary and generally there is no downtime. Rest is recommended. Like most Laser treatments, topical anesthetics are applied prior to the treatment. The results on offer are similar to surgery if not better.

Acne ScarsDermabrasion

It is a highly effective yet highly invasive treatment option for dealing with acne scars. The treatment works with the help of a specialized wire brush that exfoliates the skin in order to allow new skin to replace the damaged skin. This starts the healing process straight away. It also boosts the level of collagen production which helps making the skin firmer.

The treatment needs to be repeated a few times to get the desired outcome.There are some side effects with it and a bit of downtime as well so be sure that you have time at hand when you get the treatment. Dermabrasion is performed under local anesthesia to make it easier and pain free for the person seeking the treatment.


The treatment works on the same principle of exfoliation of skin but is minimally invasive and highly effective at the same time. The treatment works with the help of tiny crystals that are sprayed on to the skin with the help of a handheld device. Once the treatment has been done, the used crystals and exfoliated skin are collected into a chamber with the help of a suction pump. The treatment jump starts the healing process and healthier skin replaces old damaged skin. At the same time, the levelof collagen I the skin also improves which further reduces the appearance of the scars.

Several treatment sessions are needed to achieve the desired outcome and with each session, a significant improvement can be noticed. The side effects are mild and last for a couple of days. To numb down the discomfort during the treatment, topical anesthetics are routinely applied to the area being treatment before the commencement of the procedure.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injections that are mostly composed of natural fats and collagen for the purpose of improving the appearance of the skin. In case of acne scars, the injections are given directly into the site of the scar so that its appearance can be raised and the appearance of the scar can be minimized. It takes a few days for the fillers to take full effect and show the final results.

The results are temporary and can last from a few months to up to two years depending on the fillers. Side effects are mild and there is no downtime. Once the effects wear off, the treatment can be repeated to maintain the great results. The fillers can be used permanently so long that a health condition does not bar their use.

For more information regarding these treatment or to schedule a procedure, visit us at Dubai Laser Treatment. You can also sign up for a free online consultation with our experts by taking a minute to fill in the form given below.

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