The Struggle of Cellulite and Some Treatment Options

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Cellulite is an excess layer of fat which is stored on your thighs, hips and abdominal region. It looks unappealing and make your thighs appear giggly. No one wants that but almost every other women and some men also suffer from cellulite. More than 80 percent of the women are a victim of cellulite. You are not alone in the struggle of wanting to appear slim and toned. However, there is a cure. Many people assume that losing excess weight by diet will get rid of cellulite. On the contrary many slim women are also a victim of cellulite because they are stubborn fat deposits that need a little extra help. Fortunately, now you can get rid of this problem with various cellulite treatments offered at Dubai Laser Cosmetic Surgery. Reasons of cellulite are endless, we will jump straight into the Cellulite treatment in Dubai.

Weight loss

Yes, you were most probably expecting this answer. Losing weight will help you in reduction of cellulite. While it is important to focus on your diet and exercise, nothing can compare it to a liposuction from a professional. Liposuction not only makes you lose weight but it will also help immensely with cellulite reduction by sucking up the fat from your body and toning up your body.

Radio frequency treatment

It is one of the most effective and proven Cellulite Treatment in Abu Dhabi. During the procedure, the radio frequency gun is applied to the areas which are a victim of a cellulite. It uses a certain wavelength to suit your body which helps to break down the fat storage. The fats eventually dissolve and give you the appearance you have always desired.

Laser treatment

It is a minimally invasive cellulite treatment. It is more precise than a radio frequency treatment. Laser works by breaking down fat storage cells to reduce cellulite. These fats are further processed for by the liver for eliminating them from your body permanently. The laser cellulite treatment requires absolutely no down time and recovery period. You can resume your daily activities a day after the surgery.

It is important that you visit a surgeon in person before signing up for the cellulite treatment or get a free consultation for yourself to determine the best treatment for your body.


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