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Spider veins not only look ugly but they can cause a lot of embarrassment as well. I mean, who would like the greenish blue veins crawling all over the skin when they are wearing a mini shirt, a short dress or any other cute outfit. Many people rely on natural remedies for treating spider veins but they don’t work really well if you think long term.  If you too are looking for a spider veins treatment in Abu Dhabi, this is the right post for you as it will help you understand the spider veins better and allow you to heal properly.

What are basically the spider veins?

Well, you can think of spider veins are abnormal veins that can develop basically anywhere on your body whether it’s your hands, arms, legs or your back. They are usually bluish green or purple in color and can sometimes be painful as well. They are not as prominent as varicose veins neither they are harmful to your over all health. However, they definitely look ugly and most individuals decide to get them removed due to aesthetic reasons.

What are some of the treatment Options for Spider Veins?

Several treatment options are available for people with spider veins. Not all of them work effectively though. Here is a list of few of the most popular ones;

  • Ohmic Thermolysis – This treatment option makes use of the controlled heat. This helps to cauterize spider veins. This treatment option is mostly used for treating spider veins on neck and face. However, this is not the most suitable spider veins treatment in Abu Dhabi.
  • Laser Treatment – This method involves the use of laser beams which enhance the blood flow in your legs and arms and allow you to eliminate the veins in an effective manner. This is by far the most effective spider veins treatment in Abu Dhabi.
  • Sclerotherapy – This procedure involves the use of a special solution that is injected into your spider veins. It irritates the lining of veins, which forces them to collapse and fade away. It works well but not as well as laser. And there is always a risk of spider veins coming back with this treatment.


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