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What is a mole? A mole is basically an overgrowth of the pigmented cells. They are usually way dark brown and black but can be lighter in color as well. Some people adore these moles while others hate them. Years ago, there was only one way to treat them, and that was via surgical means. Surgical mole removal treatment in Abu Dhabi involves cutting out the mole from the skin and stitching the skin afterward. The downfall of this treatment is that it resulted in scarring which was even worse than the mole itself. However, now we can eliminate such moles via laser mole removal. It is way less invasive than the former method.

Surgical Mole Removal

Earlier, the surgical mole removal technique resulted in definite scarring but with the advancement of technology, surgical instruments have also improved which produces far better results. Key steps of surgical mole removal include:

  • The surgical mole removal treatment in Abu Dhabi is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Usually, a surgeon will inject anesthesia into the treated region.
  • Whether you have a flat or raised mole, it is cut off your skin.
  • The skin is stitched and a scarring treatment is immediately applied.

Non-Surgical Mole Removal

Laser mole removal treatment in Abu Dhabi is the most sought after option in this day and age. It involves a series of treatments and is not a one-time fix for your worries. But, the good points are that it is non-invasive, pain-free and quick.

  • Your skin is cleansed prior to the treatment.
  • A numbing cream is applied to the skin to avoid any pain and discomfort.
  • A laser device is held close to the skin surface.
  • Laser beams are targeted at the mole.
  • The mole is eliminated in a series of 6 to 7 treatments.
  • A cooling gel is applied to soothe the skin and numb the pain.


The laser is ideal for eliminating flat moles but is not suitable for the moles with raised appearance. However, you must consult a dermatologist to choose an ideal treatment which suits you best. Simply fill out the form given below and get a free skin analysis and an expert advice in regard to the right mole removal treatment in Abu Dhabi.

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