Stretch Marks Treatment – Is There Any Formula to Treat Such Marks

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We all have heard that; “Every Scar Tells a Story”.  Same is the case with stretch marks. Well, you might have survives pregnancy, childbirth, lost a huge amount of weight or you might be one of those very few individuals who have stretch marks present on their bodies by birth.

1. Stretch marks may never disappear entirely.

Stretch marks are not like general scars; that time you fell off your bike; the cat scratched your nose, you burned yourself. Hence, they will not fade out on your own and unless you are using a professional stretch marks removal treatment in Abu Dhabi, would not fade out on their own. Home remedies like exfoliating your skin worth coconut oil and salt might have some effect on it but they didn’t have the ability to erase it completely. Although, few of the professional stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi have the ability to give you, your clear skin back; laser treatment, chemical peels etc.

2. Newer stretch marks are easier to treat than the older ones.

Contrary to the popular belief, stretch marks are not white to begin to appear. They are usually red in color initially.  They are way easier to remove than the older ones. Dermatologists suggest that ND: completerYAG laser can remove the pigmented red marks in a total of three treatments while the older ones take 6 to 7 sessions to complete.

3. Two is better than one.

The researchers have performed a study to indicate which lasers will work best as a stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere. They recommend going for traditional lasers at first and then progressing towards modern lasers. The combination of the two will work wonders for your skin. The two lasers can be used to treat multiple problems in one go. Once the stretch marks are treated, lasers target tiny bumps and redness on the surface of the skin as well.

4. There’s a new treatment in town.

Apart from lasers, there is now another effective option to treat stretch marks permanently. Microdermabrasion, it is. It works by removing the top layer of the skin and reveals a fresh, new skin underneath. With every progressive treatment, stretch marks will lighten until you acquire your clear skin back. Some people opt for a combination of chemical peel and microdermabrasion as well. It all depends on your unique skin type and needs.

5. “Miracle” creams or lotions won’t make much difference.

The creams and lotions which claim to be a miracle treatment for stretch marks won’t work on your skin. There is nothing that can be applied to the skin that will erase the silvery-white lines. You have to go a professional route. Moreover, they have any side effects because they are not created in harmony with your unique skin type. While a professional will tailor each treatment in accordance with the unique needs of your skin. Hence, there will be no risks and side effects involved.


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