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You have probably had spider veins for quite a while and now you are looking for a spider veins treatment in Dubai. The first question which probably arises in your mind is how much does Spider Veins Removal in Dubai Costs? Before you jump into any conclusions it is important to know that cost of spider veins treatment in Dubai is dependent upon a couple of factors.  And there is no one “number” that will fit all.

Three Key Parameters

When it comes to finding out the cost of spider veins treatment in Dubai, there are three main parameters which help you determine the cost of the treatment.  They are types of spider veins, clinic chosen and the dermatologist.

Spider Veins

The extent of spider veins greatly affects the Cost of Spider Veins Removal treatment in Dubai. If you have extremely thin spider veins by the end of your legs, it will cost you less in comparison to if you have spider veins all over your legs. You have to determine whether your spider veins are painful or painless. All these factors combined will determine the final cost. As a rule of thumb, the less area, the spider veins cover and the less painful they are, they usually cost less and vice versa.


The dermatologist you choose for spider veins treatment in Dubai plays a significant role in determining the final outcome of the treatment and the pricing details. Generally, the more experience the dermatologist has, the quality of the treatment along with the cost of the treatment will increase. If you go to a person who is just starting out in the beauty industry, he/she will cost you less. It is important to find a happy medium between the cost and the quality of the treatment.


The clinic also plays a significant role in the results of the treatment and the final price. It is important to choose a clinic with a respective reputation. You can search for the clinic reviews online; look out for their dermatologist and surgeons. You can even visit the clinic and see the services they offer.

Generally, the cost of Spider Veins Removal in Dubai starts from 1000 AED. Keep it in mind that it can vary slightly depending upon the above-mentioned factors. If you have any other concerns, you can fill out the free consultation form below and our expert dermatologists will guide you for free.

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