Smart lipo – A Minimally Invasive Fat Removal Procedure

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Smart liposuction has improved the lives of thousands of individuals from all over the world every single day. It takes their confidence to new heights and allows them to look and feel spectacular. Smart Lipo is used as the latest fat removal treatment in Abu Dhabi as it allows removal of excess fat from different body parts including abdomen, legs, chin, arms, neck and buttocks. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that smart lipo has transformed the face of the aesthetic industry and there is no better fat removal treatment in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere at the present moment.

Traditional Lipo

A traditional lipo procedure involved a painful incision which was about four and six mm in diameter. It was so deep that it required stitches at the end of the procedure. And the struggle didn’t end there. Afterward, the patient had to be covered in the bandages for a period of six weeks and needed complete bed rest for about two weeks to heal properly. Now, that’s a struggle. Isn’t it?

What Makes Smart Lipo a Better Option?

Smart Lipo is a painless and a non-invasive alternative to the traditional lipo. The results are quick and the recovery period is minimal as compared to traditional lipo. The treatment does not require the use of general anesthesia and you won’t be confined to the hospital. You can go home a few hours after the treatment. Once, your dermatologist confirms that everything is perfectly fine.

The Idea behind the Procedure

This fat-melting treatment in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere involves the use of a laser light in order to create a coagulation. It seals off the capillaries that surround your fat cells. It melts away the fat and without the need for any incisions. You can forget deep cuts, stitches and incisions altogether.

A New You!

The results of smart lipo-fat melting treatment in Abu Dhabi are spectacular. You will be transformed into a new, beautiful and confident version of yourself. You can resume your social life with confidence, wear whatever your heart desire and let go of that unconfident voice that was always in the back of your mind.


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