Skin TAGS- Causes and Treatment

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The fleshy growths on the surface of the skin are known as skin tags. They are referred as acrochordons and cutaneous by the dermatologists. They are entirely harmless. They can look extremely ugly and can make you self-conscious of your appearance. People often cover their skin tags by wearing clothing that hides them but it is often not possible especially during a cocktail party or hot summers. Unfortunately, there is no home remedy that will help you get rid of them but you can always go for trusty laser skin tag removal in Abu Dhabi.

Why Skin Tags form in the First Place?

To understand what causes the formation of skin tags, it is necessary to understand what skin tags are made of. They are made of collagen fibers with blood vessels surrounding them. Now, what is collagen? Collagen is a type of protein that is found throughout the body.

  • People, who are suffering from Diabetes type 2, often fall a victim to skin tags.
  • People who are obese or overweight also have an increased chance of developing a skin tag.
  • The women who are pregnant might experience this issue as well due to the fluctuation in their hormonal levels.
  • They normally grow in the skin folds due to friction (where the skin rubs against itself). That’s why obese people are affected by it because they have plenty of skin folds.
  • They are painless and are not a source of discomfort but you might get it treated if you are losing your self-esteem due to it.

Skin Tag Removal

Sometimes skin tags dry out over a period of time and then fall off on their own. This happens because of lack of the blood flow towards the tags.

The ideal way to get a skin tag removal in Abu Dhabi is by booking an initial consultation with a well-known dermatologist.

During the consultation, a dermatologist will most likely analyze the causes of skin tags and perform a skin analysis on you. You might think that it can get really expensive and it does for most clinics. To eliminate this problem, we are offering an initial consultation and a free skin analysis. Simply fill out the form below.

Afterward, the dermatologist will suggest a series of treatments for you that will help you eliminate the skin tags.

The most common treatments are skin tags excision, freezing and laser skin tag removal in Abu Dhabi.

In this day and age, it is better to go for a non-invasive option; laser skin tags removal in Abu Dhabi. You will be able to return to work immediately after the treatment and you won’t experience any scarring.


If you want to identify the reason of your skin tags and want a complete skin analysis, fill out the consultation form and let our expert dermatologist guide you for free.

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