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Port wine stains are a type of birth mark which is usually red or purple in color. They are often found on facial and neck area but can be found elsewhere on the body as well. Port wine stains are common in both men and women. Earlier it was thought that there is no cure for port wine stains but you can now completely eliminate them by going for port wine stains treatment in Dubai.

Appearance of port wine stains

Before going for Port Wine Stains treatment in Dubai, it is important to consider what port wine stains look like. They can vary in size significantly, ranging from a few millimeters to centimeters. The color can vary from pale pink to deep purple. Initially, they are light in color but if left untreated, they darken over the years. The texture of skin is thick and lumpy. It is better to treat them in early childhood but they can also be treated when you are an adult by port wine stains treatment in Dubai.

Causes of port wine stains

Many people wonder what causes port wine stains to appear on the surface of your skin. they are a result of a formation in localized blood vessels. The tiny vessels are dilated and appearance of a faulty nerve affects other tiny blood vessels. It causes blood vessels to become narrower and they stay wide all the time. Most of people get such stains by birth but they can also occur later in life as well.  Change in hormonal levels, sun damage and various other types of skin damage can lead to port wine stains later in life.

What is the best port wine stains treatment?

You cannot rely on natural remedies and massages for treating port wine stains. It is better to go for a laser treatment. Laser port wine stains treatment in Dubai is regarded as the best port wine stains treatment. Features of the laser treatment include the following:

  • Laser port wine stains treatment in Dubai works well in young children as well as adults. Children over two months can get a treatment for their marks. If you have a rigid and bumpy scar, it still works wonders for you.
  • If you have a pale port wine stain, it will require fewer sessions in comparison to a dark port wine stain.
  • The laser can cause your skin to sting a bit, especially in children. That’s why numbing creams or local anesthesia is used to numb the skin and make port wine stains treatment in Dubai a painless procedure.
  • Laser treatment in Dubai can work well anywhere; on your face, legs and arms; regardless of the area on which port wine stains are visible.
  • If the port wine stain is smaller in size, you will undergo few treatments but if your port wine stains are larger in size, it can require 8 to 10 treatments.
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