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Although the causes of rosacea skin condition are not yet known. Fortunately, some dermatologists have managed to formulate some methods to cure or at least stop the symptoms of this skin issue. Rosacea Treatment in Abu Dhabi is one of the useful methods.


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  • What is Rosacea?

  • Causes of Rosacea

  • Treatments for Rosacea

  • Rosacea Treatment in Abu Dhabi

  • Who Can Treat Rosacea?


What is Rosacea?

As a matter of fact, rosacea is a chronic skin disease that and more than 16 million people are estimated to have this problem in the US alone. Mean to say, it is very common all over the world. It is characterized by a form of rash found in the central parts of the face of the middle-aged people. It can just be mere flush or small inflamed red bumps and pus spots on the face. We can treat it with Rosacea Treatment in Abu Dhabi.


Causes of Rosacea

As mentioned above, dermatologists are still working hard to know the causes of Rosacea. So far, dermatologists could only find that the defects in blood vessels in the skin of the face cause rosacea. Another important fact is that it is mostly found in women. Among women, it appears more prominent in the women with fair skin. Sunlight, excessive exercise, alcohol, spicy food, and extreme temperatures can make this problem worse. We are now going to discuss Rosacea Treatment in Abu Dhabi.


Treatments for Rosacea

There is a myth about rosacea that “it is not treatable.” This statement is not correct. The dermatology has never been this advanced. Doctors specializing in skin care are constantly working to find an even better cure for rosacea. So far, Rosacea Treatment in Abu Dhabi is considered as the right cure in the UAE. Please read more to know about this wonderful procedure.


Rosacea Treatment in Abu Dhabi

People often ask what technique is used in Rosacea Treatment in Abu Dhabi. It is no secret; obviously, the most advanced technology available so far is used to fix this skin problem. This advanced technique to treat rosacea is known as IPL Treatment. Where IPL stands for ‘Intense Pulses Light.’ Dermatologists often prescribe some topical or oral medications to cope with this skin condition.



Who Can Treat Rosacea?

For many skin care experts, rosacea is still a new problem. Mean to say, not all skin care experts are able to cure rosacea properly. Therefore, it is important to see the right dermatologist. At Dubai Laser Treatments Clinic, we have board-certified dermatologists that know how to treat it. If you are interested in Rosacea treatment in Abu Dhabi, please contact us for a free appointment with a specialist.

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