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The composition of our skin affects the way our skin looks on the outside. Melanocyte cells are present in our skin and these cells produce melanin. The color or tone of our skin is due to melanin. While a healthy production of melanin is essential, if produced in excessive amounts, it leads to hyperpigmentation. If you have ever wondered why freckles and dark spots have formed on your skin, this is why. There are endless reasons behind increased melanin production. Excessive sun exposure, trauma, and drugs are a few to name. Luckily, we live in a day and age where there are plenty of options when it comes to the skin pigmentation treatment.

Understanding different types of hyperpigmentation

Once you the difference between various types of pigmentation, only then you can opt for the right course of action and determine the type of laser skin pigmentation treatment. It is important that you book a consultation with a dermatologist and let him perform a skin analysis on you. Only then he/she will be able to determine the type of pigmentation and devise a suitable treatment option for you.

  • Hormonal Pigmentation- Fluctuation in the hormonal levels will result in the skin pigmentation as well. It causes your thyroid to dysfunction, hence the results can be seen on your skin. It is important to get the underlying problem treated and then go for a laser skin pigmentation treatment.
  • Liver Spots- They are commonly known by the name of age spots. The root cause of them is excessive sun exposure. Make sure to limit your sun exposure use a broad spectrum sunscreen.
  • Post Inflammatory- Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is caused by any abnormal disruption in the skin; any kind of injury, acne, side effects of skin care treatments and burns can cause it. Laser skin pigmentation treatment in ideal for treating it.

What can be done about pigmentation?

The initial step is to book an appointment with a dermatologist. He/She will perform a skin analysis on you and will determine your medical history before performing a laser skin pigmentation treatment. Here are few of the most common questions you might need to answer.

  • How much time do you spend outdoors?
  • Do you use a sunscreen or not?
  • Were you recently pregnant or are you breastfeeding?
  • You will be asked to provide your complete medical condition.
  • Are you taking any birth control pills?
  • Are you under any medication? If so, which one?

Treatment Options

Once your skin analysis is done and medical history is out of the way, your doctor will most likely:

Recommend you topical treatments if your pigmentation issue is a mild one.

Another great pigmentation procedure is going for chemical peels.

The ideal treatment in this regard is laser skin pigmentation treatment. It allows the pigmentation to fade away while providing you a clear and glowing complexion.


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