Reasons Behind Dark Circles Formation- More than Lack of Sleep

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We all have heard this statement a thousand times; dark circles are caused by lack of sleep. While it can be true, this is not the only cause behind those bad boys around your eyes. The thing which plays a huge role in how your eyes will look are, guess what?

You genetics. Yes, they play a huge role. Apart from it aging and bone structure is also responsible. Here is a little more clarification.

Thin Skin can be blamed

The skin around your eyes is quite thin. Thinner than anywhere else on your body. It allows the blood vessels to peak through, resulting in a bluish-greenish tint around the eyes. Now, don’t start thinking that your blood is blue or green because it’s not. Our makes it look blue, green and even purple.  This is also the reason, why bruises around the eyes are more pronounced on the eyes than anywhere else on your body.

Elasticity of the Skin

Our skin loses its ability to regenerate itself. Hence, we see more prominent dark circles on elderly people. That’s the reason why dermatologist recommends using an eye cream as soon as you turn twenty. That’s to preserve the skin’s ability to regenerate itself. If you are not using it, I’d recommend you to use it now and if you have already surpassed that stage, dark circles treatment in Abu Dhabi will cure the problem for sure.

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation

If you have this condition, you are pretty unfortunate in this department. It is a medical condition which results in excessive melanin production around the eyes, resulting in darker tint around the eyes. The people with olive skin and darker complexions are usually affected by it. Do not worry, you still got hope, dark circles treatment in Abu Dhabi can rescue you for sure.

Bone Structure

Love your deep set eyes and a defined jawline. Well, guess what, it can cause shadows under your eyes. Yes, it really can. Look at your old pictures. If you have bags around your eyes when you were a little kid, there are chances that it’s probably because of the bone structure, you were blessed with. The ideal dark circles treatment in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere, in this case, is cheek fillers.


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