Questions You Must Ask Before Chemical Peels Treatment

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Chemical Peels in Abu Dhabi are an amazing way to refresh and rejuvenate your skin in an instant. TCA peel is the most popular ones of all the peels available. However, it is important that you must educate yourself well before undergoing the treatment. It is important to read about the procedure online and offline. Here is a list of six questions you must ask before undergoing the treatment.

Is the TCA Peel suitable for my skin type?

Before you get super excited by the idea of achieving perfect skin by chemical peels in Abu Dhabi, it is a wise question to ask. TCA peel might be a great treatment but whether it’s made for you or not is a question of concern. Some people can handle stronger peels while others can handle mild peels (with AHA’s in them) well. the skin of some people might not react to any type of chemical peels at all. Your dermatologist will be able to suggest a well-suited treatment for you.

How my skin will improve after TCA peel?

Chemical peels in Abu Dhabi can drastically transform your skin by taking care of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. It can also make your complexion look lighter and brighter. Your skin can go from being a mess to baby soft and smooth. It is important to ask what you should expect after the peel.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required for chemical peels in Abu Dhabi varies significantly from one person to the other. Depending upon the current condition of your skin and desired results, you will need fewer or greater number of peels. Your dermatologist will decide what will be the appropriate number of sessions be, depending upon your skin type.

Are there any risks associated with the peel?

TCA Peel, like any other peel amongst Chemical Peels Abu Dhabi, can react differently to different skins. Swelling, redness and itching are common side effects of TCA Peel. However, these effects subside within a few days. There are no significant side effects associated with the treatment.

How should I prepare for the treatment?

You must ask for certain pre-treatment care instructions that you need to follow prior to undergoing the treatment and prepare your skin for TCA peel. It is more important than you think and will help to avoid any complications during the procedure. Follow the pre-treatment care instructions religiously.

Do I need any special care measures before TCA Peel?

How much time will you need to recover from TCA Peel? Ask for specific details so you can take a few days off from work if needed. Normally, it is a non-invasive procedure but you might have to stay in for a day or two if you have highly sensitive skin.

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