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White skin is demanded by the modern society and is considered as a beauty standard since the dawn of the days. Every Asian or African celebrity is known to undergo the skin whitening treatment to boost their skin tone. Michael Jackson, the undisputed king of Pop, went as many as 100 cosmetic treatments and the most prominent one was Skin Whitening Treatment. Rihanna, Beyoncé and several other musicians and hundreds of showbiz celebrities have gone under the skin whitening treatment to make their skin brighter. The treatments nowadays are permanent in nature and provide better results than ever before. The treatment procedure is as under


Permanent Skin Whitening Treatment Cost is determined by the qualified dermatologist in the free consultancy session provided by the company. You are then provided the best options for your skin whitening treatment in Dubai. There are several treatments available to boost your skin tone, some of them are surgical in nature but mostly, non surgical procedures are being used frequently due to advancements in technology and we provide the best treatment to boost the skin tone without causing any insertion in body or any downtime. Account of some of the procedures is given below

 Chemical peels

Chemical peels are considered as a simple one stop solution for cosmetic conditions as it results in the cure of almost all the facial cosmetic conditions. Chemical peels have been increasingly used as skin whitening treatment because the treatment procedure provides even results for the whole face and boost the natural collagen production for tighter skin and better appeal. Chemical peels works in following way

  • chemical peelsOne of three peels solution type is chosen by dermatologist
  • Chemical peels solution is applied to the treatment area
  • The first effect is blistering of the skin.
  • Peels formula initiates the collagen production and neutralization of the infected skin
  • The outer layer of the skin is peeled off
  • The new outer layer of the skin starts growing quickly as result of the solution
  • New skin is tighter, brighter and scar free.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is considered as the best treatment for every cosmetic condition as it only requires proper wavelength to treat the skin cells. Laser treatment is non-invasive and non surgical in nature and has no downtime, it allows the body to be treated without undergoing any knife treatment. The laser treatment works in the following way

  • Dermatologist examines the skin for best Permanent Skin Whitening Treatment Cost.
  • To boost the skin tone, the laser gun is set at specific wavelength
  • The laser gun is applied to the treatment area pre-marked by Best Dermatologist
  • Laser gun penetrates the outer skin without any side effects.
  • Skin whitening is achieved by neutralizing the skin cells and
  • Initiating the collagen production and cell regeneration.
  • The newly formed skin cells are tighter and brighter in nature.

Oxygen Facial

DermabrasionOxygen facial is considered as the fastest treatment for Permanent Skin Whitening Treatment Cost but this procedure is considered as temporary in nature and requires repetition after sometime. Oxygen facial therapy emerged as chemotherapy for the cancer patient in 2004 but it got popularity as an instant skin whitening treatment, nowadays almost every celebrity applies it before going on the camera and some of the celebrities have their own oxygen facial machines. The treatment is simple in procedure and works by

  • The Permanent Skin Whitening Treatment Cost is pre-determined by the specialist and
  • Oxygen facial machine is set to required frequency
  • The machine is applied to the treatment area to achieve best skin whitening

There is no downtime to the treatment and you can even wear makeup right after the treatment and that’s the reason it got popularity as a celebrity treatment. The Skin Whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai achieved with the help of Oxygen facial is considered temporary if you are old and have gotten several other treatments prior to this treatment.

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