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I was always an overweight individual. Over the years I have piled on more and more weight. I was getting fat with every progressing day owing to my unhealthy relationship with food. I would go on a diet for two or three days and then binge for a day. It ended up damaging my metabolism and I gained weight instead of losing it. I was ridiculed by strangers, friends, and family until I decided to take control of my own life and make a change. The worst thing which I did was not taking the help of any professional in my weight loss process. I followed what I found on the internet. I excluded all the fats and sugars from my diet and did aerobics every day for about an hour. Quickly I started to notice results and my clothing sizes began to shrink.

My weight loss

In a period of 6 months, I lost my unwanted weight. At this point, I should have been happy with my body but I wasn’t, I was left with a lot of loose skin and an unshapely body. I had a really skinny waist and a little chubbier arms and thighs. Though I wasn’t overweight but I had an unshapely body. I desperately needed a body contouring. I went to a doctor and he recommended going for Laser Liposuction in Abu Dhabi. He suggested that it is the best body contouring procedure that will help me achieve a contoured body.


I was a little skeptical about going for liposuction in Dubai but I scheduled a consultation with two of the most well-known doctors who were highly skilled and expert in performing liposuction in Dubai. Based on the reviews, they had performed hundred of successful liposuction treatments in Dubai. I went for both of them but settled on the one I felt the most comfortable with. My doctor made me feel comfortable and then enquired me about my weight loss journey. He explained to me that it is fairly natural to acquire more fat in certain parts of the body than other which leads to an unshapely body. He explained to me that liposuction in Dubai is an amazing body contouring procedure that will tone and tighten up your body and will help you achieve the best shape of your life.

My overview

As scary as it sounds, liposuction in Dubai is a simple procedure which was completed in an hour. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia. The doctor and the staff made me feel quite comfortable. I didn’t felt even the slightest discomfort during the procedure. It was entirely pain-free and comfortable as well. There were no cuts and stitches involved which I was thankful for as an invasive procedure freaks me out. It was one thing which I was looking for when fixing my unshapely body.

Aftercare and results

Immediately after liposuction in Dubai, the doctor put me on a compression garment. I was asked to always wear it even while going to sleep. It was supposed to minimize the swelling and help the body heal quickly. I was advised to stay hydrated after the procedure. I drank eight glasses of water at the minimum. I took the compression garment only when I was bathing. After a month, I saw significant improvement in my body. I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I felt super confident. I went to my doctor again and was happy to hear that my body will further transform in a period of six months as swelling takes about six months to subside completely. After six months, I am proud to say that Laser Liposuction in Dubai is the best decision I have made for myself. I am super confident and comfortable in my own skin. I wear the clothes that I like. I know longer have to shop in the extra large section. I no longer have to hide and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

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