; My Experience with Cellulite Treatment in Abu Dhabi

My Experience with Cellulite Treatment in Abu Dhabi

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I have my earliest memory of cellulite as soon as I was 15. I remember being at the pool party with my friends. I was fairly skinny and I remember one of my friends pointing out and saying that I had cellulite. I thought she was joking because apparently skinny people were not supposed to get cellulite or consider Cellulite Treatment in Abu Dhabi ever. But eventually more and more of my friends began to point it out. I was devastated when I looked myself in the mirror. I was baffled at what was I supposed to do. I was already a skinny person. I didn’t get cellulite because of my weight.

What did I do for My Cellulite?

I definitely couldn’t go for a cellulite treatment in Abu Dhabi at the age of 15. My thighs and my butt were all covered in cellulite. I thought it was because I didn’t have enough exercise in my daily routine. I began to exercise regularly. I went for a cardio initially and then moved on to the toning exercises. I also tried a gazillion home remedies which promised to work better than a professional cellulite treatment in Abu Dhabi but as you all have probably guessed by now, it didn’t work.

The Ultimate Treatment

I waited anxiously until I was 18 years of age and then went for Laser Cellulite Treatment in Abu Dhabi. Let me tell you, it was the best decision I had ever made in my life. I got a total of 5 treatment sessions and my cellulite went away completely. The one thing I was primarily concerned about was the pain one has to go through during the procedure because I have absolutely zero pain tolerance. However, I was glad to know that the procedure was performed under local anesthesia and that I didn’t feel a thing.

My Healing Period

I was going to school, full-time and I couldn’t take more than a week off. This was another one of my major concerns while going for a cellulite treatment in Abu Dhabi. I am glad to inform you that the healing phase didn’t last more than a few days. In a week, I was able to go back to school and resume all my everyday activities.

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