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So, you finally got rid of your acne. But, there are acne scars that you have to battle now. And we all know that while we are dealing with acne scars, finding anything that works even remotely to remove them is like finding the Holy Grail. But, when your scars are skin deep, then over the counter creams and medications don’t work at all and you have to go to a professional to acquire a flawless skin. One dermatologist approved treatment that has been helping thousands of individuals to help heal your skin is micro needling. Micro-needling treatment for acne scars is certainly the best option available.

What exactly does micro-needling do?

The concept of micro-needling is not new but what most skin care clinics are offering is the next level of micro-needling, which involves the use of radio frequency. Its ability to penetrate the dermis and promote the growth of elastin and collagen makes it one of a kind treatment. People think that it only improves the tone and texture of the skin, resulting in reduced fine lines and wrinkles along with removing acne marks. Now, that’s certainly a treat. There are plenty of micro-needling devices available on the internet but it’s not worth taking the risk when it comes to your skin. You can do more harm than good. Book a consultation and then trust your dermatologist.

What’s the downtime like for micro-needling?

Well, it seems that you will have to stay indoors for at least a week after getting a micro needling treatment in Dubai done by a professional. However, it is simply not the case. You can return back to work, immediately after the treatment. However, there are a few post-treatment instructions you will be required to follow after micro needling treatment for acne scars in Dubai. The most important one of all is to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Wear a sunblock constantly and make sure that it is at least SPF 40 or above.

How often can you get the procedure?

The results of micro needling treatment in Dubai and elsewhere are pretty long lasting. You can enjoy your rejuvenated skin for at least 2 to 3 years. The faded acne marks will never come back. If that’s the objective of your acne marks treatment in Dubai, you’ll never have to worry about acne marks popping up again and can enjoy the benefits for a lifetime. Most celebrities undergo to the treatment once a year to make their skin looking flawless.  But you must consider that they are being exposed to harsh lights and makeup all the time.


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