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Megan Fox is known among the hottest celebrities in the world. She got fame through the Transformers movie and now has several successful movies under her belt. She has won the choice female Hottie Award twice and has been featured in several magazines throughout the time. In her early appearances, it was evident that she was suffering from some kind of freckles and within a year she got rid of them. After that she got the nose and chin job done and after that she went through the lip job. It is suspected that she went through as many as 12 cosmetic treatments to get fairer and skin free of freckles and blemishes.


Dermatologists suspect that Megan fox went through several treatments to get rid of her freckles and acne scars. The acne scars are known as the hardest cosmetic problem to treat after blackheads, they are not only hard to get rid of but also require proper care to be eliminated properly. She has undergone nose treatment and lips treatment to boost her looks. There are several small treatments that she has gotten to keep her face tighten and glowing.

Oxygen facial

Megan fox herself admitted that she is in love with the Oxygen facial treatment as it makes the body glowing and provides best treatment with no side effects. Oxygen facial treatment is considered as the ideal celebrity treatment as it is easy to do, non invasive and non surgical in nature and allows the patient to carry out daily tasks after the treatment. Oxygen facial treatment is also considered as primary treatment when it comes to celebrities because you can wear makeup after it.


Megan Fox is a facial treatment lover as she got rid of her acne scars and freckles with the help of non invasive, non surgical treatments. She used to have quite large amount of acne scars and freckles, it is suspected that she got rid of her acne scars and freckles either by using the peels formula or the laser treatment for acne scars. Peels are of three types based on the ingredients used.

  • Chemical peels
  • Laser peels
  • Herbal peels

Herbal peels are those peels that allow the treatment in a natural way, it is slow in process but it heals the body naturally and no side effects are suffered from it. The healing time is however slower than the usual treatment procedures. Herbal peels provide the successful results and the regenerated skin is tighter and brighter naturally.

Chemical peels are offered almost everywhere in the world and it is suspected that the Megan fox get her acne scars removed with the help of it due to its fast treatment and better healing. The chemical peels are faster but they cannot be applied without consultancy of the dermatologists.

Laser peels are offered in some of the cosmetic treatment clinics; it is done by applying the laser gun on the infected marked area of the body to initiate the treatment process. The best treatment under peeling formula is the laser treatment as it is without any side effects and non invasive and non surgical. It allows the treatment to be done swiftly and also it targets the specific skin cells to blister the skin off and initiate the collagen production for better skin formation.

Laser treatment

Megan Fox has gone through several treatment procedures to get rid of her cosmetic problems. Laser treatment was used to eliminate the problems like excessive hair, freckles and acne scars as her skin condition required a proper painless treatment that was free of side effects. Laser treatment is one of the most advanced treatments available and allows the acne scar removal in some sessions without any side effects.

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