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Pores are the essential part of the human body that helps in moisturizing the skin but due to excess of sebum and dirt on the skin, the pores can get blocked and take large form causing a major cosmetic problem. These large pores when get infected by bacteria take another form which is commonly known as acne.

Causes of pores on face

It is said that every teenager gets affected by pores once in a lifetime and they fade away after the teenage but in most of the cases, some large pores are left on the body that cause major cosmetic problem. The major causes of the pores on face is said to be excess of dirt and oils in the skin of the patients which is caused by

  • The excess of oils in skin is caused by too much exposure to sunlight and heavy exercises.
  • The excess of dirt is another reason for formation of pores on face and dirt is caused by environmental conditions.

Laser treatment for pores on face Cost

The Cost of laser treatment for pores on face depends on affected area by the pores on the skin of the patient but our qualified dermatologists provide free of cost skin analysis and consultancy for laser treatment for pores on face. Cost of such treatment is low as compared to the other treatment methods as they are long and painful but laser treatment for pores on face costs few sessions only.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for pores on face is the best way to get rid of Large pores permanently and it is relatively easier as compared to micro-needling or chemical peeling. The laser treatment works in way that laser gun is used to treat the affected area by creating holes in the dead cells. The holes pave the way for cell generation and the new regenerated cells are free of the large pores.

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