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Many women and some men are affected by skin pigmentation. With the advancement of technology, Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face can work wonders for your skin. Most of the time, the people having light skin experience skin pigmentation issues but it is also present amongst dark skinned. It is often assumed that only light skinned people can undergo skin pigmentation treatment, but it is equally effective for dark skinned people.

Types of skin pigmentation

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face Cost can treat following types of skin pigmentation issues:

  • Melasma
  • Solar lentigos
  • Freckles

The most common type of all three is solar lentigos, often called sun spots. Tiny brown spots appear on the face, hands, feet, any place on body which is excessively exposed to the sun light.

Why opt for a laser treatment for skin pigmentation?

Other treatments for removal of skin pigmentation are available in market but laser skin Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai has an edge on all of them. Liquid nitrogen when used in as a pigmentation treatment results in a spotty look where brown and white areas of skin are usually diffused with each other. Also, healing process is slow and may be accompanies by blisters which can lead to scaring. De-pigmentation creams work very slowly and often come with side effects.  Laser pigmentation treatment is the only safe and sound treatment that provides quick results and do not accompany any side effects.

Sessions and expectation

Generally about three to five sessions of Laser skin pigmentation treatments are required to achieve optimum results, depending upon the condition of the skin. Most of the patients achieve anywhere from fifty percent to ninety percent reduction in the pigmentation after treatment.

Is the laser pigmentation treatment accompanied by pain?

The treatment is uncomfortable and slightly painful but most patients tolerate it easily. If some individuals experience unusual sensitivity to the Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face Cost, anesthesia is administered to diminish the pain.

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face Cost

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face Cost varies significantly from one Skin Specialist to the other and one laser clinic to the other. Generally, reputed laser clinics and experts in laser treatments will charge you more than the ones who have just started. It is important to find a happy medium between the cost and quality treatment.

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