Laser Tattoo Removal Benefits, Risks, and Procedure

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Tattoo Removal Techniques

Dermabrasion is known as one of the old techniques to get rid of the tattoo. The wire brush is used to sand down the skin in order to remove the tattoo ink from the skin. There are several variations to the traditional tattoo removal technique but the treatment is not without side effects and often causes rashes and problem in the skin. The new skin eventually is tattoo free but the process is pretty painful.


Sal abrasion is another technique that was used to remove the tattoos from the body in ancient days. The treatment procedure was quite painful but returned good results as eventually the tattoo would be removed from the body but the process would include wrapping a wooden block in gauze and then tattoo was put on and scrubbed after putting saltish water on it. The salt water makes it easier to penetrate the skin and helps in collagen production too but the process is most painful as the scrubbing with saltish water is really painful procedure in all of the Tattoo removal techniques in Dubai.


Cryosurgery is another treatment method in use that involves numbing down the treatment area of the body to peel off the tattoo area, the process is painful as the peeling off the outer layer of the skin is quite painful procedure and low temperature causes nerve blockage as well. Cryosurgery ensures treatment but can cause problems if tattoo area is too big. Several treatments might be required to remove the tattoo completely.


Excision is basically a surgery in which the treatment is done by cutting down the skin from the body. It is painful and requires bed rest of up-to a week for full recovery after the treatment procedure. It was done under supervision of qualified dermatologists but now it is avoided everywhere.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser treatment is the best known treatment for the problem of tattoo. Removal done through Laser treatment is considered as the best and safest procedure and it is now being used by every major clinic all over the world. Laser Tattoo Removal Abu Dhabi is simple; the laser gun is applied in a fix frequency on the treatment area of the body that destroys the injected ink cells of the treatment area causing the disappearance of the tattoo. The procedure is non invasive and non surgical in nature and allows the patient to go back to daily routine right from the treatment office. Different laser treatment is applied for the different tattoos. The most important factor in determining the tattoo is its color and shape because some bones of the body are extra sensitive and make it hard to recover the body from tattoo whereas other parts can be numbed down easily. If tattoo is on the most sensitive area of the skin then aesthetics can be used to prevent the redness and swelling that might occur but the treatment procedure is free of pain. It is however advised to avoid direct exposure from sunlight. Use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes is also avoided to provide the best treatment to the users.  Laser tattoo removal is the best treatment procedure because it can be applied to any skin type without any problem. Depending upon the treatment area and size, tattoo removal sessions are held so that the tattoo can be removed without any pain in the best way completely. The best way to get rid of a tattoo is laser treatment as it is non invasive and non surgical in nature and it can be repeated daily. After the treatment, cool area is blown to the treated area to numb down the pain and swelling whereas the itching can be removed by applying specialized creams provided by the dermatologists after the treatment. Laser treatment for tattoo removal is used by the celebrities because it provides the best results and number of sessions required to get rid of the tattoo are significantly lesser than the other treatment procedures. After 3-12 months the tattoo ceases to exist and the treatment can be done at anytime without any problem. Mild side effects of the tattoo are felt that range from itching to swelling and redness in the treatment area. During the laser treatment the laser machine causes feeling of rubber band hitting the body and after the treatment the pain disappears. Bruising can take place due to exposure to the sunlight and it is important to avoid the exposure to direct sunlight. It is advised to use proper hat and sun block creams are also advised to use while going in the sunlight. Makeup should also be avoided right after the treatment and it is advised that two days bed rest should be taken in order to let the ink be removed via cell regeneration completely.

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