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Tattoos have been popular since centuries. Many individuals, especially youngsters go through the entire tattoo experience. People use it to express themselves or to leave a permanent impression of something that is significant to them. An often time, the tattoo no longer speaks to them and they wonder is there a way to get rid of it permanently. Yes, there is a cure to get rid of tattoos for life and that is by using laser tattoo removal method. It is highly effective and involves absolutely no pain.

Old methods of tattoo removal

Earlier methods involved excision, dermabrasion and cryosurgery. They were invasive procedures which involved multiple risks including severe infections. They also involve extensive downtime and recovery period. A great alternative to this involves laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal Abu Dhabi is a minimally invasive solution to get rid of tattoos permanently. it is nearly a painless procedure which involves minimum downtime. High intensity laser treatment is targeted towards the area with the tattoo. It causes pigmentation to break and natural immune system of the body is able to remove such broken treatments without much trouble.

Q-switched laser

Q-switched laser is used for the removal of tattoos. It works best amongst all laser tattoo removal options. The questions which most individuals have in mind while going for such a treatment is that whether such treatment will completely remove the appearance of tattoos or will it only cause it to fade. The answer is, it is possible to remove a tattoo completely if you choose a professional for this procedure. Normally dark colors like black and navy are easier to remove in comparison to light colors and pastel shades.

Is Laser tattoo removal painful?

There is slight discomfort which is felt after the procedure which can easily be controlled by intake of pain killers. However, it is 90 percent less in comparison to traditional procedures. During the procedure, no pain is involved as anesthesia is used to numb the area. Number of sessions for each individual varies depending upon the tattoo they own. However, at average an individual needs about six sessions of laser tattoo removal to eliminate the appearance of a tattoo. Apart from, size and color of the tattoo, number of sessions also depend upon how well your body responds to a certain procedure.

Are there any significant side effects?

No, thankfully, there are no such side effects. The skin around the tattoo maintains its actual condition and is not damaged by the laser. Some individuals experience slight redness and swelling for a period of two to three days but that’s just a part of healing process of Laser tattoo removal. Technology has made it possible. Now, you don’t have to bear with any permanent impression on your body that no longer speaks to you.

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