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Stretch Marks are the most prominent cosmetic problem of today that are caused due to excessive weight gain. The most common condition for the stretch marks is pregnancy and they are in form of white or red lines on the body of the patient and are visible enough to cause a cosmetic problem. Not only during pregnancy, stretch marks can also be caused due to hormonal change in the body and weight gain due to excessive workout can also lead to the stretch marks.

Cure for stretch marks.

Stretch marks in some of the conditions can fade away automatically but normally they stay throughout the life. In pregnant women, the stretch marks can be found on belly, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms and lower back. The Laser Stretch Mark Removal Dubai Cost includes some factors for example the placement of the mark, the size of the stretch mark and the depth of the stretch mark on the surface of the skin.

Natural stretch marks removal cost

Removal of stretch marks can be done with the help of natural herbal medicines that can cause the stretch marks to fade away slowly but surely. Herbal medicines take a lot of time and they can hold negative effects if the medicine doesn’t match the body type of the patient. The natural Stretch marks removal cost is least expensive and the natural herbal medicine costs about 550AED.

Cream stretch marks removal cost

Stretch marks can be removed using the creams. It is noninvasive method to remove stretch marks but is one of the most time consuming options as cream stretch marks removal cost ranges from 3 to 6 months. Dermatologist should be consulted before buying any cream so that you can buy the most suitable for your skin type.

Laser Stretch marks removal cost

Laser treatment is the most successful and powerful way to get rid of the Stretch marks in Abu Dhabi as it eliminates the marks completely and provides one time solution to the problem. Laser is the non invasive method that creates holes in the skin that paves the way for cell regeneration. The newly healed cells are free of stretch marks and the skin is turned back to normal after hours of procedure. The laser also depends upon the several factors such as size of the affected area, depth of the affected area, and placement of the stretch marks. Normal procedure of stretch marks costs around 1200AED.

Surgical stretch marks removal cost

Surgical Laser Stretch Mark Removal Dubai Cost is determined by the type of surgery being applied for. The surgery is the most certain way of removal of stretch marks but takes quite long and has higher chance of injuries. Surgical stretch marks removal cost depends on the placement of the stretch marks, their size and their depth.

Post procedure care

 Laser stretch marks removal cost is light in nature and allows the patient to return to daily activities after the procedure.

  • Direct sunlight should be avoided after the treatment
  • Powerful Sun creams should be applied after the treatment
  • No makeup should be applied or used after the treatment
  • Alcohol or cigarettes shall not be used atleast five days before the procedure.

It is recommended that Dermatologists should be consulted before undergoing any stretch marks treatment in Dubai.

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