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Each one of us wants a perfect body that everybody is envious of but very few of us actually have it. The rest of us are struggling with body image and body issues along with excess fat hanging around our body. Diet and exercise are all good when it comes to shedding excess pounds but when we are talking about a sculpted look, they cannot do much for us. Hence the only safe and sound option left is laser liposuction in Abu Dhabi. Here are a few prominent features of laser liposuction in Sharjah/Abu Dhabi:

  1. The technique of laser liposuction in Abu Dhabi utilizes lasers of varying wavelengths like 1440nm, 1320nm and 1064nm. One of the wavelengths is chosen depending upon the body type and amount of fat. The laser melts away these rigid fat deposits which are later extracted by a suction pump.
  2. The laser liposuction in Abu Dhabi has more advantages in comparison to traditional liposuction. It provides a quick recovery time and you don’t have to stay in bed for weeks at a time to heal properly. It can also help to eliminate excess fat deposits from smaller regions such as chin and underarms.
  3. The laser liposuction in Sharjah can be performed under local anesthesia. If you freak out at the thought of being asleep during the procedure, this is the right procedure for you.
  4. The energy delivered via laser is controlled by the dermatologist so there is no chance of overheating.
  5. You can resume your daily activities, three days after the treatment. However, it is important for you to take necessary precautions. Although you must avoid any strenuous activities such as heavy exercise, lifting heavy weights etc.
  6. It is better to get all the necessary tests done prior to the treatment. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this is not the right time to undergo the treatment. Also, choose the dermatologist, surgeon, and a clinic wisely. It can have a massive impact on the outcome of your surgery.
  7. Do remember that laser liposuction in Abu Dhabi is a body contouring procedure and not a weight reduction procedure. If you want to trim down the pounds on the scale, diet and exercise might be a better option. However, if you want a toned body, go for the procedure.

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