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Extra body fats are problem of everyone nowadays, fats can be on any part of the body and it becomes increasingly difficult to get back in shape after every passing day. According to a survey, half the population of the earth will be suffering from Obesity by 2025. There are several ways to get rid of extra fats on the body. Starting from the exercises to weight reduction pills to surgical procedures there are several proven treatments that can help in weight reduction in Dubai. Some of the treatments for Obesity are given below.


Exercise is a method to get rid of the extra fats of the body but it takes a lot of time and it also is limited to major areas of fat only. There are several areas that cannot be treated with exercise no matter how powerful the exercise is, for example you cannot treat the areas like thighs, knees, arms, face, chest, hips, neck, back rolls and double chin with exercise.


Weight reduction pills are also available in the market that can help in weight loss. The pills are composed of a anti-fat medicine that breaks down the fat in tiny particles. The process takes long and has several side effects. In some cases the fat broken down from one part of the body gets stored in other part of the body.


Dieting is a popular method in use to reduce excessive fats from the body. Problem with dieting and other methods is that you cannot be certain of which part of the body will be treated and how much of the excessive fats will be reduced.

Laser Lipolysis:

Laser Lipolysis treatment in Abu Dhabi has been around for several years and it is non invasive procedure that uses the laser device to break down the fats into tiny particles that mix with the blood stream and eventually disappear, reducing the fats naturally. The Laser Lipolysis cost in Abu Dhabi is relatively lower and free consultancy is provided by the Best Dermatologists in Abu Dhabi for better experience.


Laser Lipolysis Treatment cost in Dubai is easy to determine but first you must know if you are the ideal candidate or not. Ideal candidate for laser Lipolysis in Dubai are those who are looking for

  • Quick weight reduction
  • Fast results
  • Small downtime
  • Less pain
  • Long lasting results


Laser Lipolysis Cost in Abu Dhabi is determined by dermatologist and it depends on the affected areas for treatment. The treatment can be reduced based on the method being used and the number of treatments required to treat the affected area fully. Another factor in determining Laser lipolysis cost in Dubai is the downtime of the treatment as it can be mixed with PRP therapy to reduce the downtime and there are several other treatments to reduce the downtime and side effects after the treatment. The Laser Lipolysis in Abu Dhabi is faster than other treatment procedures and is less painful than the liposuction method that requires cutting of the body fats with syringe. Laser Lipolysis Cost in Abu Dhabi is affected by the fact that it is not the ideal procedure for weight reduction; it is the treatment procedure for extra body fats.


Before undergoing the treatment for Laser Lipolysis, the patient must stop taking blood thinning medicines, stop smoking four days prior to the treatment and proper balanced diet should be kept for best results.

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