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Hair is the house of the personality but excessive hairs not only feel bad but cast a bad impression on the person as well. Men and women both suffer from the problem of excessive hair on different parts of the body. Facial hair, arms, legs; underarms are the most common example of the excessive hair that cast a bad impression on the personality of the person.

Since the dawn of time, different techniques are being used to tackle the excessive hair; some of them are costly whereas some of them are budget friendly. Laser treatment is known as the most advanced and the most successful, nearly permanent way of removal but Laser Hair Removal Dubai Cost is not yet known to most of the people. Laser treatment in Dubai is done under supervision of qualified dermatologists so that the proper results can be achieved. It works in following way

Laser hair removal

Laser gun is applied to the desired area and the laser beam with adjusted wavelength to destroy the hair follicle. The regeneration requirement is kept in mind in some cases of facial hair removal for men whereas they are properly destroyed for facial hair removal for women. Laser hair removal Abu Dhabi Cost is determined by several factors such as how many areas need to be treated and how dense is the each area with hair. The wavelength of the treatment also affects the Laser hair removal Dubai Cost. Qualified dermatologist should be consulted before undergoing any treatment. There are several other treatments available on basis of cost.

Depilatory creams

Hair removal creams or depilatory creams are the most budget friendly way of getting rid of excessive hair. It is almost none as compared to Laser Hair removal Dubai cost but the method requires repetition to keep their hair removed and the creams differ for different situations.


It is the most common practice for the excessive facial hair. The process is painfully long and requires precise threading to remove the hair completely. It is the most budget friendly way of getting rid of excessive hair and is popular for eyebrow treatment inside the house. Threading cost as compared to Laser Hair Removal Dubai Cost is cheaper but requires constant repetition and is painful in nature.


One of the advanced ways of getting excessive hair removed in Dubai. It is done by professionals to destroy the follicle and is done under supervision of the qualified dermatologist. The area is pre-marked to provide better precise treatment. Electrolysis works in way that the tiny needle is charged with electric current and is inserted inside the desired area for hair removal. The electronic pulses are used to destroy the excessive hair follicle for permanent treatment.


You can get the best Laser hair removal Dubai cost from our qualified dermatologists who treat the excessive hairs with laser for permanent solution. Laser treatment is known as the most important and advanced hair removal treatment and it works in different wave lengths for different skin types for precise treatment.

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