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Warts can be both annoying and unattractive at the same time. They usually grow on the surface of your body when your skin comes in contact with a virus. Earlier, only home remedies were used to eliminate unwanted warts but laser warts removal in Abu Dhabi has changed the skincare game entirely. The laser rays pass through the top surface of the skin and target the blood vessels. They dry up the wart completely and it eventually falls off.  But, before you get super excited about Laser Warts Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi, here is a list of some key queries answered.

Q1: When will the results show through?

A: The timeline of the results greatly depends upon the location of warts and size of the wart. Generally, warts on the hands and feet take about 4 treatments and warts on the back take nearly six laser warts removal in Abu Dhabi sessions to fade away.

Q2: Are there any serious side effects?

A: There are no serious side effects associated with laser warts removal in Abu Dhabi. The minor ones include redness, itching, and slight swelling. Some people also experience blisters but all these concerns are resolved in a period of 7 days.

Q3: What is the cost of Laser Warts Removal?

A: the cost of laser warts removal in Abu Dhabi depends upon a couple of factors. It can vary depending upon the number and size of warts, the location of warts, clinic chosen and choice of a dermatologist. Normally the treatment begins with 300 AED.

 Q4: What is the minimum downtime involved?

A:  There is no significant downtime and recovery period involved with the treatment. You can return immediately back to work and resume your daily activities but make sure to follow the post-procedural care regimen religiously.

Q5:  How long do the results last?

A: You will never experience warts in the same region again after laser warts removal in Abu Dhabi. However, as the warts are caused by infections, you might get warts in the other regions.

Q6: Is the treatment painful?

A: Warts Removal in Abu Dhabi is not a painful procedure. The only sensation you will feel during the treatment is the slight snapping of a rubber band. At our clinic, we use local anesthesia to numb any painful sensations.

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